Multi-Regional Website for a Global Chemical Supplier

Natrio is the world’s largest distributor of Soda Ash, an essential raw material used in the manufacturing of glass, detergents, mining and other industrial processes. After rebuilding their site for the first time 4 years ago, Natrio again engaged Emote for a complete refresh in 2021.

The Challenge

Backed by 40 years of experience and with over 20 warehouses worldwide holding 300,000 tonnes of bulk, Natrio is a substantial business who needed a website to showcase their abilities.

  • One of the main challenges was the large additional information that needed to be added and presented in a visually stimulating way.
  • Emote needed to showcase they’re a premium brand as their old site was not positioning themselves in this way.
  • Demonstrate their size, capabilities and locations.
  • Their website needed to exist in different languages and be relevant globally.


The Approach

Emote knew that there was a need to simplify their offering and elevate how Natrio is digitally presented.

  • Emote distilled their services into three core pillars: Source, Store, Transport.
  • By adding a location map that is interactive and engaging, Emote ensured that customers understand the full global scope of their business.
  • Overall Emote made sure the user experience is far more enjoyable. This includes little touches such as adding a mini menu locked on the side so you can’t get lost on a page.
  • Emote removed the scientific names for chemical compounds as they would confuse the user and detract from their superior offering.
  • Emote strongly advised the client to create powerful imagery which ultimately has become the hero of the site.
  • Emote implemented smart GEO tracking to target their international audience and have a responsive website.
  • By creating a multisite totalling 4 sites in 3 different languages (Portugese, Spanish, English) there was clear increase in the appeal and accessibility for their international audience.

The Outcomes

Now, Natrio has a website that perfectly embodies who they are as a brand. Professional, capable and international.

After engaging with Emote, Natrio has seen a rise in customer satisfaction when visiting the site and now have a more clearly defined offering. By taking Emote’s expert advice they now have a wealth of high-res imagery to use not only across their website but also across their socials and collateral.

With their new website, Natrio is ready to move from strength to strength, in bulk.

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