Moving Up The Rankings: John Mason Partner with The SEO Works

Leading international moving company John Mason have selected award-winning digital agency The SEO Works to help bolster their online presence with SEO.

Established in 1884, John Mason has grown to become one of the latest international moving companies in the UK. Assisting over 10,000 customers a year, the moving specialists are able to provide a range of services to their clients, including international removals, relocation services, storage and planning services.

Dedicated to accelerating their growth further on a global level, the international movers decided to take matters into their own hands by investing time and resources into their in-house digital marketing efforts. However, as time went on they began to feel that they had hit a ceiling in terms of organic visibility and knew that external support was needed to take things to the next level. With this in mind, the extensive search for an SEO agency partner began, leading to an enquiry with Sheffield-based agency The SEO Works.

The expert agency team started by performing an in-depth website audit, which identified a range of opportunities that could propel the John Mason website to their desired level of visibility – all of which were highlighted in a competitive pitch process. The detail of the proposed strategy, combined with a strong track record in the transport & logistics industry, made the award-winning agency a perfect fit for the task at hand.

On the decision, Executive Director Simon Hood said:

In selecting a partner to enhance our SEO capabilities, John Mason International conducted a thorough tender process to ensure we aligned with a firm that not only shared our vision but also demonstrated the highest level of expertise and a results-driven approach. Our choice of The SEO Works is a testament to their exceptional proficiency in SEO strategies and their substantial experience in the field. Their commitment to delivering measurable results and their deep understanding of digital marketing dynamics set them apart. This partnership is poised to significantly bolster our online presence, a crucial aspect of our strategy to connect globally with our clients and stakeholders.

One of the main concerns that John Mason expressed was their ability to be found by the correct audiences. As their services are based around helping UK residents move to different locations around the world, their keyword strategy would need to reflect this. With that in mind, the award-winning SEO team will look to create a completely bespoke keyword strategy that targets a number of location-based phrases, in order to make sure that their website is easy to locate for potential clients.

Alex Hill, Sales Director of The Works, said:

We’ve helped plenty of clients in similar industries to grow their digital potential and this project feels like yet another perfect fit for us. The chemistry throughout the pitch process between our teams was great and it really felt like we were both on the same page when it came to the direction of this strategy. We’re looking forward to helping this prestigious company get to the level of online visibility that it truly deserves and we hope this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship for us both!

About The SEO Works

The SEO Works specialises in SEO, PPC, Digital PR, Web and Paid Social advertising and has many clients within the transport & logistics sector, including Zee, TecEx, Lawrence David and 1st Move International.

About John Mason International Movers

John Mason International Movers are one of the UK’s largest international moving companies. Each year they help over 10,000 people move all around the world. Their most popular destinations for customers are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Middle East and the USA.