The Honest Company and Isadora Agency Redefined Beauty and Baby Product Sales Online

The Honest Company is a leader in the clean lifestyle movement. The brand creates a community for conscious consumers while seeking to disrupt multiple product categories. Honest is dedicated to creating safe and effective personal care, beauty, baby, and house items. The company’s mission is to inspire everyone to love living consciously. The company also wanted to streamline its diaper subscription service to make it easier for users to stay stocked on basic needs.

The Approach

After their research and discovery phase including interviews with a panel of busy young parents, Isadora Agency delivered an efficient and interactive experience that doesn’t skimp on fun. In short, this approach was extended to the beauty side of the brand to help parents feel and look just as good as their little ones.

The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba, is dedicated to clean ingredients. Above all, it was crucial that the site reflected these core values with a personal touch. In the eCommerce web design, Isadora paired large and bold headers with soft scripts. In addition, they mixed stylish and simple product photos from Jessica’s own day-in-the-life videos and illustration-embellished baby shots.

Isadora introduced playful illustrations for discovery, nature, and kid-friendly textures. They also diversified The Honest Company’s color palette during the design phase. The new color palette mixes baby pastels and cosmetics inspired earth tones, tying together two core pillars of the brand.

Most importantly, high-end and high-quality ingredients make up the products. The line contains home cleaning supplies, baby products, and beauty. Isadora used bold pops of color on a neutral canvas in the design. In addition, they show real faces with user-generated content alongside Jessica Alba’s personal stamps of approval. As a result, users explore the products while feeling good about them.

Isadora knows that modern parents are always on the go so it was important to provide a site with easy navigation. In addition, the new experienced needed to quickly guide users to facts while providing important product details. Providing the option to subscribe and get products sent right to their door was also important.

Honest Beauty products aren’t only good enough for Jessica Alba, but everyone. Meaning the eCommerce web design had to feature real people and show off their new glows. Each user-generated portrait is paired with a cross-link to the actual product. In conclusion, providing powerful social proof lead to increased sales.

For instance, Isadora knew a large number of Honest’s customers research the brand from their phones while shopping in stores. Because of this, they made sure the mobile site was efficient! As a result, the “fast flow” tailored specifically to mobile users made ordering diaper bundles quick and easy.

Provided Services

  • Concept
  • Analytics
  • Conversion Funnel
  • User Testing
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Customer Journey
  • UX / UI
  • Ecommerce Web Design
  • Responsive
  • Interactive Prototypes

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