Isadora Agency Developed Barnum Financial Group’s Website Design, CRM And UX Services

Barnum Financial Group is an award-winning network of independent financial planning and wealth management advisors.

Isadora Agency’s user experience team cracked the formula for uniting independent advisors under a single digital destination for financial and wealth management, increasing adoption and conversion nationwide.


As a Mass Mutual brand, Barnum Financial Group offers a portfolio of premium services supporting consumers’ financial needs. With a network built on independent experts, the brand struggled to help its agents establish a distinct online presence that also aligned with the brand’s digital strategy and design aesthetic. This was negatively impacting online visibility and conversion.



Market Research, UX/UI, Motion Graphics, Web Design & Development, CRM Integration

Roberto R. Aponte, e-Business Marketing Consultant commented,

Isadora Agency took a much needed concierge approach to our relationship and helped us define our goals as well as align the expectations of the officers of our company. Management was extremely happy.

Increased Brand Adoption: 90%


After detailed brand and market research Isadora Agency focused on crafting a single destination web product that highlighted the brand’s mission of personalized financial service planning for every stage of life, while providing a seamless bridge to working with one of many local specialists. This integrated solution not only connects with audiences on an emotional level, but provides a clear path to conversion through personalized agent experiences.



Barnum Financial Group takes an holistic view of wealth management, enabling anyone to take charge of personal finances and build towards important life goals. The agency illustrated this storytelling approach with a unique horizontal scrolling experience that reflects a timeline and highlights the benefits of sound financial planning within key stages of life. The experience culminates an interactive conversion form that humanizes the information gathering process, and improves the quality of leads entering the funnel.




Strategically Designed For Resonance

With strict industry regulations they were unable to add traditional social proof such as case studies or testimonials. As an alternative, audience-specific financial scenarios connect with users on a personal level through benefits oriented communication, turning prospects into leads.



Brand Consistency Not Conformity

Vanity domains linked to tagged urls, enable each Barnum advisor’s name and profile image to display in the website header throughout the users visit. This eliminates the need for inconsistent agency microsites and creates a consistent brand experience while simultaneously enabling local agents to distinguish themselves and retain ownership of leads. Combined with the advanced CRM integration agents are able to track and manage each lead interaction, providing greater accountability without tedious administrative tasks.

Creative Thinking

In a saturated financial services market, it was important that Barnum Financial Group stood out in the crowd. Whether consciously or not, we all react to visuals, and people are naturally drawn to good design. Designers utilized angles and triangles to create an iconic style that remains professional and establishes trust. Interactive features enable visitors to pinpoint current financial priorities and follow a personalized path to the services that will benefit them most.


Isadora Marlow-Morgan, President of Isadora Agency also commented,

Through our strategic evaluation, we found a way to go above and beyond the client’s expectations for our engagement. We didn’t just develop an enterprise grade website for Barnum Financial Group; we crafted a robust digital experience capable of enhancing client service and relationship management on a number of levels.



The field for mobile devices worldwide is constantly increasing and becoming more popular. With many users on the go it was vital that Barnum Financial Group have a best-in-class mobile experience. The mobile strategy was to focus on content. They reduced the size of images and animations to allow for faster load times and more efficient viewing, adopting to mobile usage patterns.

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