Huemor Announces Always Found, A Division That Offers SEO Services And Training

To better serve clients and more clearly delineate the breadth of marketing services offered, Long Island UX design agency Huemor today announced the creation of Always Found, a division devoted to making brands more visible, providing search engine optimization and other marketing and PR services.

The division increases online visibility for clients, helping them rank higher in search results, create relevant content to engage new audiences, and utilize social and press channels to promote brand messaging.

Jeff Gapinski, Co-founder and President of Huemor explains,

We’d found SEO was being looked at as an add-on to digital projects, an after-thought that wasn’t getting very good results because it wasn’t given the full attention it needs.

We think brands making big investments into their web properties should also make an investment in promoting them and making sure they’re reaching as many people as they can to get the most return.

Always Found will offer different tiers for clients of any size, from consulting and education-focused packages to local SEO to boost the presence of brick and mortar businesses, to full-service support.


SEO consultations, for brands with in-house marketing teams or the resources to do the work themselves, will cover strategy, execution roadmaps, and hands-on training with customized curriculum.

Local SEO packages help businesses turn web traffic into foot traffic by focusing on local/NAP (name, address, phone) consistency to ensure brands rank on search engine maps and are recognized by those shopping and living in the geographic area.

The Always Found team is also available for full-service marketing projects, with a top-to-bottom approach encompassing keyword research, competitive analysis, user personas, strategic optimization, and structural fortification of a site.

April Jimenez, Director of Digital Marketing at Always Found says,

It’s about making SEO and marketing accessible and less of a mystery for any business, both large and small. If someone has the resources available to do the work themselves, we’ll help with the planning and training to get them off on the right foot.

If our clients would rather we handle everything while they focus on the parts of their business that need their full attention, we’ve got a team that’s ready to go.

Case studies can be viewed at Always Found is now accepting new clients.

Approaching its 5th anniversary, Huemor continues to grow as an award-winning agency whose work sells, persuades and inspires.

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