How To Optimise Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

Need help optimising your email marketing campaign? Well, as an Email Marketing Agency in London, we know a few things!

After reading this article you will have relevant, up to date knowledge, and the confidence to take the correct next steps to take your email marketing campaign to the next level.

If you dissect a successful marketing campaign, it contains 4 clear factors which allow it to excel.

These 4 factors are as follows to optimise email your email marketing campaigns:

  • Personalised Email
  • Clear Headers
  • Clear Call To Action (CTA)
  • Updated Email List

Personalised Emails to Optimise Email Marketing

Customer relationships are built on trust.

Addressing your customers by name and sending emails consistently from the same address will help build this personal relationship.

As mentioned in our latest article, ‘Why your Social Media Strategy Sucks?’, emotional triggers are key when personalising an email. A relatable email that connects with its reader is going to provide a higher click-through rate and can even present the opportunity to reconnect with customers that have fallen off your radar.

We live in the era of personalisation and 94% of companies believe that personalisation is critical to future success.

To summarise, creating an email which is relatable and triggers emotional responses will create trust and help you build a personal relationship with your customers.

Be genuine and DON’T draw all of the attention towards your product/service without providing value.

The customer always comes first!

Clear Headers to Optimise Email Marketing Open Rates

Headers are easily forgotten but extremely important.

If you don’t know what an email header is, it’s a piece of HTML code which sits within the email. It provides information like who sent and received the email, allowing email services to identify spam content.

Preheader text is equally important and in displaying the content of an email in the subject line before it is opened. A strong and engaging preheader will provide a high open-rate and more chance of a high conversion rate.

When creating your email headers, there are certain guidelines you must follow by law. The anti-spam law ensures an email provides the right information so the recipient doesn’t become involved with dangerous or misleading content.

I recommend using an email marketing service like Mail Chimp, which automatically adds headers, so you don’t have to worry about running into legal problems later on.


Clear CTA to Optimise Email Marketing Click Rates

Once your email has been opened, a call to action (CTA) is needed to generate leads and potential sales.

A CTA is either a button or link which directs your reader to a page of your choice. The link could provide more information about your product/service or send them to a landing page to generate more potential leads.

Your CTA button should be vibrant and immediately stand out in the email, using bright colours and the correct positioning of the button will definitely help.

If your CTA is successful, it is a cost-effective way to generate sales and provide value to your customers. A good click-through rate for a CTA button is generally around 5.31%, which is more attractive than CTA text and other methods.

How should you design your CTA button?

  • Keep it precise and clean
  • Use the first person (not a rule but is recommended)
  • Create a sense of urgency (fear of missing out)

Here are some good examples of CTA buttons:

  • Join free for a month (Netflix)
  • Get your FREE report today (WordSream)
  • Schedule a call (The Good Marketer)

For more examples, just browse the web and look at what the leading companies are doing to convert customers successfully.

Updated Email List

Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone!

Even though your email marketing campaigns are personal and engaging, peoples interest change, which is something you can’t control but must keep up to date with.

Removing inactive customer emails which don’t interact with your emails should be taken off your mailing list every year. If you have an extensive list of emails which interact extremely well with your content, this can be done more regularly.

Wait, there is still hope!

Retargeting customers with engaging content could turn them into conversions and provide more click-through-rates if done correctly.

One way this could be done is with a message that says, “where have you been?” or “We miss you”. This will make the customer feel valued and help rekindle your relationship with them. Followed with an incentive like a promotional discount or free shipping could be enough to win them back over.

Multiple re-engagement emails should be sent to your inactive customers to emphasise how much you care and want to hear from them.


Email marketing can look very complicated without a solid plan of execution and a list of features to include.

The next email you send to a customer should be personal, relatable and connect with them on an emotional level. Building a trust relationship with your customers is the primary factor your email marketing campaign relies on.

Then step into the customer’s shoes, look at the email header and think if you would open it. Provide clear headers to the email recipients and don’t be misleading.

Now it’s time to convert customers and generate sales.

A CTA button should stand out, be precise and informative so your customers know exactly where they are being sent to.

Finally, Update your mailing list regularly and retarget customers which don’t engage with your emails.

For marketing support on your next campaign, visit The Good Marketer. What are you waiting for? Also, check our best email marketing agencies in Australia if you’re looking for one.