How Ready Are You to in-House Your Digital Media?

Over the last 12 months, we have seen more and more consumers moving online to shop, with online sales accounting for 21.3% of all US retail sales in 2020 – a number that’s expected to increase throughout this year. With these digital-first behaviors likely to stick and become permanent consumer habits, digital is increasingly important in the end-to-end consumer journey.

With digital transformation now at the top of many brands’ agendas, Croud‘s recent survey found that a large portion (44%) of US CMOs are planning to in-house more of their digital media as a result of the pandemic. However, with this in mind, a key challenge for many is understanding which skills to in-house, and the most effective method of doing so to ensure sustainable growth for your business.

Croud’s in-housing readiness checker

As media in-housing continues to dominate headlines and marketing plans, knowing whether it’s the right move for your brand can be tricky to ascertain. While Croud’s in-housing experts can support you on your journey towards in-housing digital, they have also created a In-housing Readiness Checker that will help steer you on what’s the most effective roadmap for your brand – whether efforts are best focused on building the case for change, or all the foundations are already in place to transform how you deliver digital marketing.

What does the in-housing readiness checker assess?

Croud’s in-housing readiness checker asks you 12 simple questions to assess the key areas involved in your roadmap towards in-housing digital media. This includes looking at payment terms, constraints to your in-house recruitment, any technology challenges you may face, senior management buy-in, and more.

By answering the 12 questions around the key areas, Croud’ll be able to provide you with a succinct summary of what the next steps should look like, as well as further insights into any areas that raise red flags. This should leave you with a greater understanding of what your in-housing journey looks like, and where you may require support to efficiently implement this.

Take the assessment online today to kickstart your in-housing journey. For more information on their in-housing solutions, and how they can support your digital transformation journey, get in touch with Croud.

About Croud

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