How Emote Helped a National Labour Hire Company Succeed

Emote Digital delivered impressive results by ensuring WorkforceXS’s organic and paid social advertising.

WorkforceXS is Australia’s leading labour-hire business network.

They work as a franchised system where each office is owned and operated by a franchisee who understands specific recruitment needs. They’re all about finding the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

The Challenge

WorkforceXS engaged with Emote in late 2019 hoping to expand their franchise network.

The challenges for Emote to tackle:

  • WorkforceXS wanted to expand their franchise network
  • They lacked an existing digital presence
  • Needed to uncover the demographic they wanted to reach
  • Decide how best to reach their target market and get the best results

The Approach

After an initial meeting, Emote understood WorkforceXS would see their greatest success by combining both paid and organic social media services.

Social Media Advertising

Emote used a thorough and efficient onboarding process to develop a marketing recommendation that was tailored specifically to their niche target market by:

  • Uncovering that their target demographic is experienced recruiters with a franchising interest
  • Pinpointing correct key messaging, creative, target groups, and budget recommendations
  • Using knowledge and expertise of Facebook’s best practice to develop effective and strategic social campaigns


In the first 3 months Emote achieved:

  • 183.5% increase in traffic to the franchises page from socials
  • 93K impressions n their Linkedin ads in the first month ads
  • 87 leads via social advertising

Social Media Management

Emote analysed their unique goals and pinpointed opportunities in relation to their social media presence by:

  • Tailoring social media content that would best suit their needs as a business
  • Ensuring organic social media worked hand-in-hand with the social advertising strategy
  • Assessing the interests of their target market to identify four main content pillars to reiterate throughout each of their monthly calendars
  • Collating the grid to align with their branding requirements and be visually appealing

In the first 3 months Emote achieved:

  • 47% increase in Facebook engagement
  • 50% increase in Instagram followers
  • 181% increase in Linkedin impressions

The Outcome

By ensuring their organic and paid social advertising worked together harmoniously, Emote were able to deliver these impressive results.

  • Emote saw a 183.5% increase in traffic to the franchise page from social compared to the previous period
  • In their first month, Emote received a massive 96K impressions on their LinkedIn ads
  • Facebook engagement increased by 476% in February 2020 compared to January 2020
  • Emote increased Instagram followers by 50% in just one month
  • Emote achieved a 181% increase in LinkedIn impressions in just one month

WorkforceXS also realised that if Emote could generate these results for them, it meant Emote could do the same for their network of 20+ franchisees. Emote has since been working alongside their franchise partners to develop unique digital campaign strategies to generate just as much success across different regions and industries.

About Emote Digital

Emote Digital has been delivering integrated solutions with beautiful results since 2001 offering in-house WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and digital marketing services.