Growth Uncovered: What Is an Agency Partner Program?

Ever wondered what an agency partner program is and how it could supercharge your marketing agency’s growth?

In essence, an agency partner program, particularly in the SaaS realm, is a strategic alliance where your agency partners with a SaaS company to mutually benefit from shared resources and clients.

What is a SaaS agency partner program? 


In a nutshell, an agency partner program is a strategic arrangement in which a SaaS company forms a partnership with a marketing agency, giving you access to their tools and expertise to offer your clients and benefit yourselves. 

Different types of SaaS agency partner programs

There are several types to consider – reseller, affiliate, referral, and integration programs. Each has a different structure, but all aim to create a synergistic relationship between your agency and the SaaS company. 

Here’s a brief overview of these different types:

  • Reseller partnerships: the agency resells the SaaS company’s product or service to its clients, often at a markup.
  • Affiliate partnerships: the agency promotes the SaaS product or service and earns a commission for any sales through their referral link.
  • Referral partnerships: the agency refers potential clients to the SaaS company and is rewarded for any resulting sales, often in the form of a finder’s fee or commission.
  • Integration partnerships: the agency integrates the product or service into its own offerings, providing clients with enhanced functionality and services.

These partnerships enable marketing agency owners to expand their service offerings, gain access to innovative tools and technology, and often generate additional revenue. Meanwhile, the SaaS company gets to expand its customer base and increase its market reach. It’s a mutually beneficial cooperation! 

Benefits of joining SaaS agency partner programs

So why should you, as a marketing agency owner, consider partnering with a SaaS provider? The advantages are manifold!

New revenue streams

By partnering with a SaaS company, you can unlock new opportunities to grow your agency’s income. Regardless of the revenue share model you choose, it could be considered a passive income – once you’ve set up the partnership and done the initial promotion, the earnings will keep rolling in.

Enhanced capabilities

SaaS tools can significantly augment your agency’s service offer. By integrating your partners’ solutions into your specialization, you’ll be able to provide clients with more comprehensive and cutting-edge services. Whether it’s a tool for analytics, CRM, or marketing automation, the technology integrated can give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Additional credibility

Your agency’s reputation can substantially boosted when you partner with a reputable SaaS company. When clients see that you’re affiliated with a well-known and respected software brand, it enhances their confidence in your services. This credibility can help in attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.

Scalable growth

A well-structured agency partner program can also help your agency grow faster and easier. Many SaaS companies offer their partners plenty of helpful resources and hands-on support, including training and promotional materials. Use them wisely and you’ll be able to scale your services without a proportional increase in your overheads. This is particularly beneficial if you’re looking to expand rapidly.

How to choose the right SaaS agency partner program?

There are many partner programs designed specifically for marketing agencies out there. That’s why choosing the one (or the ones) that will work best for you and your customers might be tricky. So here are some proven tips on how to choose the best SaaS partner program: 

First of all, you should understand your agency’s needs and goals. Otherwise, you risk partnering up with a company that won’t bring you the results you hope for. 

Then, consider how well the SaaS product fits into your existing services and how relevant it would be for your clients. For example, let’s say your marketing agency specializes in social media for small businesses. A partnership with a SaaS company offering advanced energy optimization for large-scale data centers, while impressive, doesn’t align with your client’s needs or your agency’s expertise. Not only will such a partnership be irrelevant, but it will also be potentially confusing.

You’ll also need to review the level of support, resources, and training the SaaS company provides. To successfully resell the partner offer, you must first understand their product. Ideally, you need to use it in your daily operations or at least see how it would fit your existing agenda.

Lastly, always examine the contractual obligations and payout structure to ensure fairness and potential profitability. 

For example, GetResponse MAX offers a solid SaaS agency partner program for marketing agencies because the product is dedicated to digital marketers. The program is structured to provide robust support, resources, and attractive partnership benefits, making it an attractive addition to your services.

How to get the most out of a SaaS agency partner program

Now that we’ve covered what an agency partner program entails, let’s go over some steps you could take to maximize its potential. 

Build effective strategies for promoting SaaS products to your clients

Organize product integration demonstrations for your clients to see how the tool you’re promoting will help their needs. Generate content on the potential benefits of implementing this solution. Identify specific needs or challenges your clients face and create personalized proposals showing how the SaaS you’re promoting could become a solution. Don’t be afraid to experiment! 

Ensure your team is fully trained to utilize the provided SaaS tools 

You might want to cooperate with a partner who organizes dedicated onboarding sessions for new signups, especially if your agency has many clients. Or onboard them yourselves and learn even more about the tool you represent! 

Don’t be afraid to get the SaaS product in front of your customers

Arguably, this is the most important piece of advice I can give you. Some affiliate marketers get by simply by including a product’s logo in their own communications and generate side revenue this way. But when you are a company partnering up with another company, your best bet is to combine your marketing efforts and enhance each other’s presence. 

Good luck, and may you all find a perfect SaaS partner program for your client’s best interests!