Gazebo Achieves Revenue Uplift Through SEO Strategy by Impression

A retailer of gazebos and similar items Gazeboshop approached Impression to develop a SEO strategy.

The Client

Gazeboshop is a retailer of gazebos and similar items, selling to both trade and consumers online and off. Their products can be used in gardens or at a wide range of events, including conferences, exhibitions and sporting occasions. While their main product line is seasonal by nature, with a clear outdoor focus, their wider range attracts interest throughout the year.

The Challenge

Gazeboshop has been working with Impression for over 6 years. 2019 was an important year as Impression has achieved at least 50% YoY growth in eCommerce revenue and transactions. However, the targets and aims were now set for Impression to improve sales of printed gazebos by at least 50% year on year. In order to achieve this, Impression set some internal objectives to improve the organic traffic to specific sector pages, as well as improving the number of printed gazebo submissions across the site as a whole.

Within these goals, Gazeboshop was keen for Impression to focus on the B2B side of their audience: small business who run market stalls or need custom printed gazebos for events, as well as corporate customers who have an interest in larger, bespoke projects and printed packages.

These focused goals required us to implement a holistic SEO strategy that would improve the site in multiple ways.

The Strategy

Optimising for high intent B2B keywords

This aspect of their strategy for Gazeboshop allowed us to focus on their B2B audience at the same time as driving conversions of their printed gazebos – one of their key objectives. Their focus was on high intent keywords that were specific to that market, including:

  • Printed gazebo
  • Branded gazebo
  • Promotional gazebo
  • Personalised gazebo

Impression identified these focus keywords by drawing on a number of research techniques. Not only did they do fresh keyword research through their various tools, but they also analysed competitors’ rankings in depth. In addition, they used Google Analytics and Gazeboshop’s CRM data to identify the lucrative terms that had previously engaged a B2B audience.

With the keywords identified, they implemented an on-page optimisation strategy to improve rankings. The four pages that were competing for ‘printed boxes’ were trimmed down to one and they created new pages to target new keywords. They employed latent semantic indexing (LSI) to identify related words and phrases that they should be including and liaised with the client to ensure that they were incorporating relevant trade terminology.

Improving the user experience through keyword research and user intent analysis

A large part of understanding exactly what should be included on a lead gen page, on a site that gets a lot of revenue from eCommerce too, was to understand what the customer really wants. They reviewed search query reports to understand the types of questions and queries that users were searching with, reviewing Search Console to understand if there were any competing pages on the site that would be cannibalising, and also got information from the sales team to understand typical questions that were being asked by customers.

It came to light that Gazeboshop was not visually showing its range of gazebos and high-quality prints as well as the competitors and other branding sites. Therefore, Impression optimised the gallery pages on the site so that they showcased more images of the printed gazebos, with a gallery page for each key sector, and then ensured that they were optimised for target keywords.

Internal linking was key to ensure that these sector pages were seen as a relevant and positive addition to the user journey. They ensured that the pages were internally linked on appropriate category pages where a certain gazebo is most suitable to a specific sector, and made sure that contextual linking with optimised anchor text was implemented across the site.

The Results

The following results compare October 2018 to September 2019 with the previous year:

  • 70% increase in organic conversion rate from printed gazebo enquiries
  • 74% increase in organic printed gazebo enquiries sitewide
  • 85% increase in printed gazebo enquiries from the printed gazebo page only
  • 117% increase in organic traffic to motorsport gallery page
  • 105% increase in organic traffic to catering gallery page

About Impression

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