Impression Has Collaborated with Cancer Research UK to Drive Awareness

Impression worked with all of the marketing teams at Cancer Research UK to meet the changing audience need, marketing the right message and the right product to the right audiences.

Client Intro

Cancer Research UK is the world’s largest independent funder of cancer research with the vision to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

They appointed Impression in early 2019 and Impression has been working together since to manage their paid search activity and to work collaboratively with their internal marketing teams and external agencies responsible for the management of other marketing channels.

The Challenge

There are multiple CRUK PPC accounts all with different aims and objectives. Each marketing team has varying KPIs that change year-on-year, from lead generation to donations and e-commerce purchasing.

Throughout the COVID period, Impression worked with all of the marketing teams at Cancer Research UK to meet the changing audience need – marketing the right message and the right product to the right audiences. Impression was tasked with ensuring CRUK audiences could find the health information that they needed as well as developing a contingency plan. This contingency plan allowed CRUK to reduce spend in lower-performing areas, focus on maximizing higher-performing products and align the strategy with the messaging and timing of ATL’s ‘appeal’ activity.

In-house marketing teams and various agencies work together to achieve wider business goals:

  • Donation revenue
  • Fundraising pack downloads
  • Legacies referrals and Will Guide Downloads
  • Weekly Lottery Revenue
  • Stand Up to Cancer Revenue and Sign Ups
  • Online Shop (eCommerce) Revenue
  • Hero product sign-ups eg. Walk All Over Cancer
  • Race for Life Sign Ups
  • Sport Sign-Ups eg. Half Marathons
  • Volunteer Sign-Ups
  • Donate in Memory Tribute Pages

The Strategy

1. Implementing New Account Structures and Campaign Consolidation

Their first step was to restructure campaigns to be more data-dense and consolidated to allow for easier management when there are so many other things to consider as well as more efficient management through SA360 bidding strategies.

2. Integration with ATL Activity and Consideration of Budget

New account structures allow for more control over ad messaging and keywords being prioritized. This was crucial for their alignment with TV, radio, and social as it ensured consistent messaging for those interacting with “Above the Line” targeting, activity ran on TV, Radio, VOD, Digital Audio, and upper-funnel marketing on Social and Display.

Integrating with CRUK’s media agencies was also important when ensuring budgets and bidding are weighted when a strong brand message is conveyed through a burst of ATL activity, including weeks and months of TV, social, and radio bursts.

3. Reallocating Spend to Provide Income through Higher-Performing Channels

Working with the CRUK accounts team, a plan was drawn up to suggest which products had lower intent or soon to be canceled events and could therefore be cut or dropped, to allow an increase spend in top of mind, more urgent products.

The Results

Impression was pleased to have helped them reduce overall spend by 17.4% whilst maintaining year-on-year and month-on-month growth by focusing on, key priorities. Overall they were able to drive an increase in revenue of 10% despite the challenging context.

Impression launched the very first Microsoft Ads EMEA advertising grant account supporting charities with Cancer Research UK. This grant allowed them to drive higher awareness through the account, specifically:

  • 68.8% increase in impressions
  • 8.19% increase in clicks
  • 9.58% increase in cost

Whilst Impression is pleased to have had a positive impact on CRUK’s performance, it’s not all about the numbers. Since 2019, their relationship has gone from strength to strength and their two-way feedback loop allows them to have honest conversations on a regular basis. These regular check-ins have led to changes in requirements for the number of meetings and honest communication about hours and priorities to ensure Impression always meets expectations… They are proud to work as an extension of Cancer Research UK’s team and integrating with their other agencies.

Working in true partnership, a member of the CRUK team has appeared as a guest speaker on an Impression podcast and Impression has also helped their internal marketing teams by delivering various virtual training sessions which are saved to their learning hub for new starters.

Their work has also been recognized and shortlisted for awards. In 2020, their campaigns were shortlisted for the ‘most effective use of paid search’ (DADI Awards, 2020), for ‘best use of search – not for profit’ (UK Search Awards, 2020), and for the ‘community response award’ (Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards, 2020).

About Impression

Impression is a multi-award-winning digital agency, specializing in the delivery of high-performance campaigns across SEO, PPC, analytics and digital PR.