SF Design Week 2020: Virtual Festival

SF Design Week 2020: Virtual Festival will take place on June 15th-25th, 2020 as the first city and region to announce transitioning to an entirely Virtual Design Week.

SFDW is an essential week-long city-wide festival that showcases the unique intersection of ideas, design, business & entrepreneurism that makes the Bay Area the birthplace of the future. Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID19, San Francisco Design Week is transitioning to the first regional design festival to go Virtual during the pandemic!

The 14th Annual SAN FRANCISCO DESIGN WEEK, which annually attracts 60,000 visitors from around the world, is returning this year as the first regional virtual design festival. The all-online program kicks off June 15-25, celebrating with the provocative theme “Intentional Distortions” which is now more relevant than ever. Highlights include talks, webinars, web-conferences, and virtual tours with leading designers in multi-disciplines from user experience, interactive design, VR experiences and virtual art, to branding, architecture, interior design and fashion. New this year is the first annual Product Showcase, highlighting 50 innovative products, including startups. The 2020 Design Awards are juried by top industrial professionals.

Now a global phenomenon, San Francisco’s international success is born from a historically free-spirited entrepreneurialism, coupled with the imaginative vision of contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology. Pioneers of new ways of looking at the world, nimble Bay Area start-ups are now among the world’s most influential design-led companies, producing products, services and experiences that profoundly influence the daily lives of billions of people globally.

Through studio tours and events, SFDW celebrates this spirit of newness by providing unique access to exhibitions and conversations with the designers who are shaping the future — from architecture to fashion, product design to digital services, and everything in between.

They are about to convene online with thousands of talented individuals who are all passionate about design—to harness the power of design to do better. It’s an opportunity to come together, participate in honest discussions, and work together towards a better future for all.

Join thousands of attendees connecting online to digitally gather for virtual experiences, digital programming, livestreamed studio crawls for an immersive design festival.

If you are interested, click for the San Francisco Design Week website to register.This virtual event is organized by SFDW on 15-25 June.