FinTech Design Summit 2020 – Virtual Edition

FinTech Design Summit 2020 – virtual edition, organized by Tech Circus, will take place on the 30th of July.

FinTech Design Summit 2020 is the only conference in the U.S.A that brings together the world’s most innovative FinTech companies to talk about Product Design, UX and Strategy. The summit will pull together the world’s most innovative FinTech companies; to talk about Product Design, UX and Strategy. They will be showcasing the designs and methodologies implemented to develop the type of products that we use every day.

FinTech startups are challenging the major FS players by creating powerful new user-centric products, which focus on boosting financial literacy and delivering better ease-of-use for their customers. By gathering financial innovators to share their experiences across strategy and design; this conference will demonstrate the real, measurable impact of experience-led Product & Service design on both business goals & user needs.

Check out the video to find out more about FinTech Design Summit:

The FinTech Design Summit 2020 is organized by Tech Circus, a London-based events company. Tech Circus is an independent company that produces educational events for the community of digital design, product & UX. They collaborate with global clients, agencies and organisations to bring together the leading experts in the digital market.

Tech Circus has partnered with a vast range of clients and agencies to bring together the leading experts in a vertical market. It offers high-quality training and networking at all of its events; whether they be its regular meet-ups, annual conferences, workshops or job fairs.


This conference is tailored for those working as Product/Experience/Design leaders at Financial Services companies. If you are interested in understanding how some of the most successful brands approach design, you should attend this great event!

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For more details and registration please visit the FinTech Design Summit 2020 website.