Digital Transformation Conference Boston 2019

Digital Transformation Conference 2019 will take place on the 28th of March 2019 in Boston.

Digital Transformation Conference brings together leaders spearheading digital initiatives in their organizations to offer insights into their digital transformation journey’s.

20 Digital Business Leaders will share case studies, their challenges, success stories and a whole lot more at Digital Transformation Conference 2019. Digital Transformation Conference will include keynote presantations, panel discussions, hands on workshops, networking opportunity and much more.


2019 topics and speakers will be announced soon.

Digital Transformation Conference is organized by Roar Media. Roar Media Ltd. (Roar Media Events) was founded by Chris Towers who has a passion for tech in business and has directed technology events across the world including San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam, Singapore & Melbourne.

Chris Towers, Founder & Head of Events, Roar Media said that;

Roar Media strive to create carefully curated platforms in order to bring together technologists to share ideas, common challenges and network together under one roof in an environment where collaboration thrives.

Roar Media offers a platform which includes future of technology in business to give technology a voice. Also it brings clarity to the tools you need in business to adapt and survive .

For registration please click here.This event is organized by Roar Media on the 21st  of March 2019 in Boston.