DES – Digital Business World Congress 2019

DES – Digital Business World Congress 2019 will take place on 21-23 May in Madrid.

DES – Digital Business World Congress 2019 is the world’s leading event on Digital Transformation.

This event is a must-attend event for you. It is a global event that brings together the top international tech companies to drive the world’s business Digital Transformation.

You can discover the most cutting-edge technology from the top tech companies that will showcase the latest innovations to help you become more competitive in your industry.

This year at Digital Business World Congress 2019 will host 450 international speakers, who will present success stories, new business models, discuss leadership issues and digital strategies implementation.

Watch this video to get an idea about DES – Digital Business World Congress:

Digital Business World Congress 2019 divided by four sessions that are Masterminds Congress, Organization and Role Summits, Tech Series: The AInomics and Digital Marketing Planet.

You can take advantage of an exclusive network event to discuss within your peers and challenges that all organization is facing these days.

DES 2019 and get inspired by the world’s best digital leaders, find innovative tech partners that will help you face the Digital Avalanche. Learn how you can use technology to boost your company.

The main goal is to offer solutions for different business areas, not just to help improve the competitiveness of companies but also to help promote this transformation while ensuring speed and safety.

Last year, DES 2018 brought together almost 21,000 visitors, 300 exhibitors, and 450 world’s experts, who spoke at Digital Business World Congress.


Digital Business World Congress 2019 is organized by NEBEXT that is event partner dedicated to achieving business success.

NEBEXT was designed to bring innovation to the tradeshow industry, where customer experience and satisfaction it is a must in any action you take. It creates experiences so that any professional is visiting one of its events will feel and touch innovation and leave full of knowledge acquired and a great network.

NEBEXT has a multidisciplinary and highly motivated international team. It loves thinking outside of the box and that’s why it tries to create new ideas to meet the needs in each project.

Get ready for the challenge of digitally transforming your business and becoming a leading player in the new digital economy.

If you want to attend this great event, click here to register.This event is organized by NEBEXT on 21-23 May 2019 in Madrid.