ADworld Experience 2021

ADworld Experience 2021, the World’s largest online advertising event, will take place on 14-15 October.


ADworld Experience 2021 is the largest Pay Per Click & Conversion Rate Optimization event in Europe and the largest in the World based only real PPC Cases. The goal here is to run the best PPC vertical event ever. 99.7% of past participants stating that they will suggest to attend to friends & colleagues seem to agree with that.

ADworld Experience takes place every year in April in Bologna (Italy) or in live online streaming. The 8 editions held saw the participation of more than 1600 participants and over 150 speakers chosen among the most famous experts in the sector in the World.

Check out this video to find out more about the ADworld Experience:

Why You Should Attend?

Customer satisfaction surveys confirmed that 99,7% of participants would recommend friends/colleagues to attend. They believe that this relies on the fact that the main goal here is not to gather money or achieve visibility, but to create the best PPC event in the world (look at top professionals who joined us). And it has always been like that. Get inspired, sharpen your skills and energize your creativity with insights from experts leading the remote work revolution.

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For more details and event tickets visit the ADworld Experience 2021 website.

Don’t miss this great event!This conference is organized by ADworld Experience on 14-15 October.