Emote Launches a New Website, Brand and Attitude

Emote Digital has always encouraged clients to use any downtime to work on their website. So when the pandemic hit in 2020, Emote had a point to prove.

They underwent a full refresh including new branding, direction and a shiny new website.


Emote wanted their branding to better showcase who they are today.

Historically, their hero colours have always been black and gold. But to stand out from the crowd, they wanted to take advantage of more of the colour spectrum. Their new logo and brand colours better embody their modern, personable approach. They’re a bunch of friendly people who love keeping up to date, so it made sense that their branding encapsulates this.

In 2021 they’re feeling fresh and ready to impress.

The Website

To emote is to express. Everything they do elicits a profound response from their clients. Excitement. Joy. Passion. Wonder. Pride. Satisfaction.

That’s why it was so important for Emote to create a visually stunning, responsive website that illustrates exactly what they do for clients and how their work jumps off the screen.

The new website is fully responsive and looks awesome on a big monitor or in your palm. They also wanted to better simplify and convey their service offerings by breaking it down into three services that are visually represented on the site with impactful moving imagery and work that literally rides off the screen.

Websites & eCommerce, Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation each get their limelight and are supported by case studies and blog posts.

Websites & eCommerce

By no accident, Emote’s new website has become their best sales tool for these services.

By going through the process of a website rebuild themselves, everyone involved now has a better and more recent understanding of exactly what clients go through. It also meant Emote could benefit from trialling different approaches and continuously testing to find what works best.

The pagespeed insights for Emote’s new website scored perfectly which is basically unheard of in the industry. And it means if they could achieve it for themselves, they can achieve it for their clients. It’s a win-win.

Digital Marketing

Like any good website launch or brand refresh, Emote also had a digital marketing launch plan in place.

Announcing the change across all social channels and eDMs meant that their customer base was aware of their new look and encouraged them to visit the website. Emote also developed new ad copy and creative to advertise their new direction and capture fresh leads.

The new website helps Emote better showcase the work they do across all marketing services and the impressive results they yield. If you’re curious, take a look for yourself.

Digital Transformation

Emote offers the service of a digital transformation. Everything you’ve just been reading is an example of one.

Digital transformation means taking a digital first approach to the brand, while taking into consideration all aspects and requirements.

It’s looking at your business holistically and finding ways to streamline and improve your entire process. So not only did Emote refresh their branding and website, they were also making careful changes behind the scenes.

Streamlining processes across the business is always made easier when everything works like a well-oiled machine. Because how are you meant to impress clients without beautiful results to back you up? How can you attract the right people to come work for you unless you look like the place they’d want to work? How do you maintain consistency around what you offer clients and what you do internally?

These questions and more often fall into the chicken or the egg category. But luckily they’re almost always solved by a total rehaul of process and branding and by undergoing a (you guessed it) digital transformation.

If your business didn’t use 2020 to transform your digital presence, you are not too late.

Emote helps businesses to hit refresh so they can enter total growth mode. That’s what they’ve done for themselves, and that’s what they can do for you. Check out their website to see what is meant.

About Emote Digital

Emote Digital delivers integrated solutions with beautiful results since 2001. In-house WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and digital marketing services.