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Effective Influencer Marketing Campaigns & Examples to Inspire

Influencer marketing campaigns become widely famous and effective making it inevitable to be overseen. From smaller businesses to the bigger ones have been using this influential new way of marketing for their products and services.

However, does this new version of marketing really have an effect on your sales?

A study conducted recently found out that over 94% of all marketers around the world confirmed that influencer marketing campaigns are indeed very influential. 


How can influencer marketing be effective?

Taking the insights of professional marketers into consideration, we need to ask ourselves the question of how influencer marketing campaign ideas can be effective. 

For any influencer marketing campaign to contribute to the brand, there are some points to consider about the influencer. Project owners should make a detailed research about the influencer that is going to be useful for the marketing campaign.

Also, using certain tactics and platforms can be useful.

As known and recognized worldwide, Linkedin is a social network for professionals. It brings all professionals from different backgrounds together and it is a great place to look for when you need to hire an expert.

To come up with great influencer marketing ideas, using Linkedin is a brilliant idea. Linkedin influencers can give you the best marketing service that is right for your business.

What to look for at influencer marketing campaigns?

While deciding influencer marketing campaign ideas, pay attention to these below:


For an influencer marketing campaign to be successful to promote your services or products, the influencer should be addressed to the same age group. 

If you designed the product for elderly people and decided to hire an influencer who is famous among teenagers, we cannot expect success in this influencer marketing campaign. 


As well as the demographics of the buyers, the expertise area of the influencer should be considered well. It is because your marketing campaign should be relevant to the expertise area of the influencer. 

You need to double-check if the subject or area of the influencer famous for matches your expectations with your business targets. 


While deciding the influencer to work with, make sure you check whether that person has positive public recognition. 

An influencer marketer can be very famous with a lot of followers. However, always check whether she or he recognition by people is positive so that it does not do harm to your brand. 


The final step to consider before choosing an influencer for your marketing campaign is the reach. The marketer could have many followers and you may believe that it is enough to promote your brand. 

However, it is often not that simple. You need to make sure the influencer will engage your target group and convey the intended message to your potential customers, namely the audience.

Examples of Effective Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We are well aware that you care a lot about your business and do not want to make any mistakes in the process of marketing campaigns. That is why we have compiled some successful influencer marketing campaign examples for you to get inspired.

Here are 10 successful and creative influencer marketing campaign examples:

  1. Fiji Water – Weworewhat
  2. Stride Gum – Mad Intense Gum
  3. Audible – YouGottaHearThis
  4. Diageo – My Tales of Whiskey
  5. Subaru – MeetAnOwner
  6. Sperry – Boat Shoes on Instagram
  7. Kaikatsu Club – NETCafe VR
  8. Old Navy – BGCA
  9. Naked Juice – Instagram Posts
  10. Loeffler Randall – LR Ambassadors

1. Fiji Water

influencer marketing examples, fiji water

Famous bottled water brand Fiji is a unique example of how effective influencer campaigns can be. 

The marketing campaign started with the Instagram page owned by Danielle Bernstein: weworewhat. When Bernstein agreed to be a part of Fiji’s marketing campaign, BodyWoreWhat came out. 

In this campaign, Danielle Bernstein and the personal trainer Eric Johnson offer training videos while drinking from Fiji water bottles to hydrate their body. 

They also give the message to the audience that they are better to drink Fiji water if they want to be in shape and hydrate their bodies.

2. Stride Gum

When the company Stride Gum wanted to launch its new gum, they worked with W + K London and started their Snapchat Mad Intense Gum campaign.

DJ Khaled, known to be the King of Snapchat, also took part in the campaign. He participated in one of his regular Snapchat takeovers where he offered an all-day-long fun day with his followers while promoting the Mad Intense Gum in an indirect way.

3. Audible 

Audible is an Amazon company that sells membership on a monthly basis for podcasts and audiobooks. The marketing team for Audible often partners with influencers and celebrities to start marketing campaigns.

In this successful example, Audible partners with the photographer Jesse Driftwood who has less than 100.000 followers on Instagram.

The marketing team decided to work with him even though he was not extremely famous since they realized his followers were very engaged and loyal.

He simply posted a photo of him listening to audiobooks by Audible and used the hashtag #YouGottaHearThis.

The marketing team claims that his simple recommendation is more effective than an advertisement campaign spent millions of dollars just. That’s because it is like a piece of authentic advice from a friend.

4. Diageo 

influencer marketing campaign ideas, Diageo

If you haven’t heard of Diageo, you may have heard of the famous whiskey brands Lagavulin and Oban. Diageo is the parent company for those brands.

Diageo prepared a marketing campaign partnering with the influencer Nick Offerman who starred in the yule log video Parks and Recreation’s. 

That 44-minute video that soon became a viral hit shows Nick Offerman sitting in a room in front of a fireplace sipping his drink.

The campaign got Shorty Award for the best influencer marketing campaign.

5. Subaru 

Subaru partnered with David Graham who has over 5 million followers on YouTube. In this campaign, the marketing team seemed to have realized that it is more about emotions than facts and figures. 

To promote their automobile, they used an influencer like David Graham to attract emotions with his video in which he and his friends are jumping from a 500-foot cliff after sliding on a slip. 

Millions of people have seen the video and it is said that it has achieved a lot more success than a TV commercial that explains how safe the car is or how many new features it has. Plus, nobody watches such commercials anymore instead they prefer to check their social media when there are obvious commercials on TV.

6. Sperry 

Sperry is a boat shoe brand. In 2016, the marketing team of Sperry realized that there are a lot of micro influencers on Instagram sharing high-quality photos of their brand.

They were contacted and offered to be sponsored. Currently, more than 100 micro influencers on Instagram have been creating authentic and engaging posts for Sperry.

Thanks to working with those micro influencers, the brand has increased its sales and it has become a very reliable and preferable boat shoe brand.

7. Kaikatsu Club 

In Asia, the expertise area of the influencers may vary from the western world. This campaign may surprise you a bit since it is for a cafe chain. Kaikatsu Club is a cafe chain that has recently launched a new virtual reality feature in its branches. 

The idea is they can hang out while eating or drinking and playing virtual games. 

The company worked with a TV celebrity Enakorin to help them with their marketing campaigns. She is a well-known figure for video games so she was a great match to be their influencer marketer in the campaign.

Thanks to her appearance on her social channels and on TV, the company had a successful outcome at the end of the campaign.

8. Old Navy 

Old Navy, Instagram influencer marketing campaign idea

Old Navy has been partnering with fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers to promote their products for a long time. 

The marketing team decided to work with the influencer Alex Rodriguez who is a New York Yankee retiree. Rodriguez raised money for the BGCA namely Boys and Girls Club of America. 

Thanks to this promotion performed by him, Old Navy raised 1 million dollars only during Black Friday.

9. Naked Juice 

Naked Juice is a bottled smoothie brand targeting customers who are also interested in beauty, a healthy lifestyle, and fashion. 

This is also why the marketing team started working with Kate La Vie who is a lifestyle blogger and influencer. 

She is posting fashionable outfits and beauty products photos where a bottle of Naked Juice is professionally placed. 

10. Leoffler Randall 

Leoffler Randall is a footwear and accessory company. The company is highly popular among micro influencers and bloggers since the company has been with many of them for a long time.

In their campaign, they created a group called ‘LR Ambassadors’ where they include creative women called ‘cool girls doing cool things’.

The company has achieved a lot since they started with their influencer marketing campaigns.

Are you inspired by these powerful influencer marketing campaigns but don’t know how to do it for your brand? Well, you can check our list of best influencer marketing agencies with great case studies.

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