Don’t Miss the Call of Your Life: The Truecaller Campaign

  • Truecaller proposed a campaign to restore trust in communications and answer the calls that deserve to be answered.
  • InPulse Digital was the agency that led the conceptualization and production of the ads in Chile.
  • For the first time, Truecaller disembarks with a communication campaign in LATAM.

Miami, February 2023.- Truecaller lands for the first time in Latin America with a campaign for the Chilean market devised together with the multidisciplinary team of the digital-native creative agency InPulse Digital that invites you to not miss the call that can change your life.

Communications have changed dramatically over the last decade and based on the insight that nobody wants to answer calls anymore, Truecaller together with InPulse Digital seek to rescue how wonderful it is to have someone call you, but how important it is to have the information of who is on the other side to decide to respond or not.

Diego Prusky, CEO & Chief Strategist of InPulse Digital, explained:

Although the app is already available for LATAM, it is the first time that a communication campaign has been carried out in the region, and Chile was chosen as the market for the launch. The insight allowed us to create a campaign that emotionally resonates with the 18-39 group , while clearly explaining the functional benefits of the app, and connects with the Chilean consumer.

A presenter is interrupted by a call from an unknown number and fears and doubts about whether or not to take the call surface. Perhaps the love of your life, the job you want so much, or the order you are waiting for are behind that call, and thanks to Trucaller you will be able to identify it and answer it,

Edmund Bianchi, Creative Director of InPulse Digital responsible for this campaign, remarks:

Being a regional agency allows us to tell better, tailor-made stories. In this case, we were able to work with a Chilean production house as well as a Chilean actor, so that the geolocation and spot felt authentic to the audience. The way we approach each project helps us achieve this level of flexibility and customization for different markets.

Prusky concluded:

We wanted people to trust again, give them back the power to decide who to attend to and who not. Rescuing the positive, without ceasing to recognize that spam is a reality.

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