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Digital Marketing Tips To Boost Conversions For Christmas

The week leading up to Christmas is incredibly stressful for everybody. Sure, the actual day is wonderful, full of joy and bliss. You meet up with your family, you all have a meal, you relax, you catch up, and you exchange gifts. But the week of preparation, and shopping, is murder. For this reason, online shopping is a godsend for anybody involved.

The customers don’t have to protect themselves against getting trampled, and the salesmen have a bit more room to breathe. But, there is, of course, a catch. Everybody is doing it, and so, you need to find a way to have your conversions stand out.

Online sales are getting more and more prevalent, and in turn, the competition is getting fiercer and fiercer.

You need to utilize all the tools you have at your disposal in order to get ahead. Below is a list of some digital marketing tips that will get you ready just in time for Christmas.

Set up special deals (and show them off)

The most obvious and clear one probably. As is custom, you hand out lower prices, discounts, two-for-one deals. Essentially whatever you need to get conversion rates going, and the money flowing. And of course, the other reason you need to do this is to actually get people to your stores and websites.

Every single retailer and wholesaler hands out special options during Christmas time, and you being the black sheep in the family won’t do you any good.

However, the other thing you need to do is to actually point this out. First of all, set up a special page or section of your website like a counter or countdown button. This will, well, count down the days, hours, and minutes until your discounts go live.

Furthermore, that page can be dedicated to listing out all the discounts and deals you want to provide and set up.

Experimenting with all the social media tools you can get your hands on will also yield positive results. You can use these tools to set up your social media pages and platforms to remind people that the holidays (and your special deals) are coming.

This can be achieved by placing reminders, countdowns, commenting on certain posts. You can also turn it up a notch and make videos that will attract more viewers and visitors which will, in turn, lead them further to your business.


Get your SEO in order

First of all, we all know the basics. Get your SEO up and running, both for the holidays and in general. Now, SEO is a no-brainer. It does wonders for your marketing efforts, increases the odds of having your websites end up first on Google’s first page, increases visitors, retention, conversion.

You know the drill. However, what experienced professional SEO focused business will tell you is that you need to set everything up for the holidays as well. You will get the most bang out of your buck if you do things properly, and change them up for the Christmas. This includes links, keywords, and the whole shebang.

So, the first thing to do is to choose the right keywords. Put yourself into the shoes of your customers. Now, do the same in winter boots. What kind of things will they type into their search engine, what are they looking for? What kind of keywords will get you the best results, results that best reflect what they want?

Setting up your links is just as important. They should be updated just like your keywords. With properly set up links, you increase the trustworthiness of your website and of your work. Make them be relevant to your actual website, or your offers.

So, you can set up a landing page that leads to your promotions, sales, deals. Maybe some links leading to holiday content can influence Google’s good old algorithms.

Google has shared the following infographic on page load industry benchmarks:

Re-optimize everything

Re-optimizing your websites should be a regular occurrence for your company, but it is especially important for the holidays. First of all, you should optimize for mobile. Being in touch with the current trends is paramount. Unfortunately, having a mobile-friendly site is not current.

In fact, it’s quite important, and something that has been present in the online marketing world for some time now. What you should be doing is get this fixed as soon as possible. Most people do their shopping over the phone, and you want to be as ready as you can for Christmas.

The next thing you should fix up is your actual website. First, you can add some Christmas flair to it. Things like having “Christmassy” pictures in the background, with lots of Santa images everywhere can be amazing if done properly.

On the other hand, you can simply go with the minimalist, red, white, green, and gold design. Where optimization comes in here is in the actual images.

There is only so much bandwidth a website can handle before it becomes too expensive when compared to the investment you made. So the images and redesign you put should be simple, and should not have too high of an image quality.

If you don’t do this (and don’t get better support for your website) you will just end up with very slow loading times that can make any regular customer just drop your website and go somewhere else.


There you have it, folks, a couple of tips to help you boost your conversion rates just in time for Christmas.

First, figure out some deals you want to hand out and focus on. See what you can offer, and then let people know what they can get.

After this, spruce up your SEO. Fix your keywords, update your links, and just in general modify and adapt it all to the holiday needs of your customers.

Finally, re-optimize everything. Fix and spruce up your website, set it up so it becomes mobile friendly, and try to paint it to reflect the holiday spirit.

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