Digital Marketing Service From Emote Digital for Australia’s Largest Outdoor Furniture Suppliers

Draffin approached Emote Digital as they needed their online presence to match their experience and expertise.

Draffin designs and manufacture street furniture and waste collection infrastructure for government, education and commercial sectors.

They’re a family-owned business, and have survived for so long in a fiercely competitive industry because of their high level of customer service and integrity. They came to Emote as they needed their online presence to match their experience and expertise. In early 2020, Draffin engaged with Emote once more to discuss Social and Search Advertising services, in addition to their existing SEO service.

The Approach of Emote Digital

Search Engine Optimisation

After an in-depth consultation process, Emote conducted an audit of their existing website to pinpoint areas requiring improvement.

  • Based on the findings, Emote developed a marketing recommendation to give the client further clarity on the technical issues that were present on the site
  • Emote included their strategy on how they could eradicate these issues and improve organic rankings and website traffic
  • Fixing some technical issues also improved the overall site condition

Since working with Emote they achieved:

  • 45.31% Improvement of organic search conversionrate
  • 50% Three months after the site went live

Search Engine Advertising

Emote conducted an audit on their existing Google Ads accounts and developed a marketing recommendation for the client moving forward, this highlighted areas needing improvement and opportunities for growth.

  • This showcased Emote’s understanding of Google’s best practice and allowed Emote to develop a strategy that was tailored specifically to the client.The audit also gave the client further clarity on why certain search terms were not converting/delivering their desired results and an explanation on why they may have not been ranking as strongly as they could be, based on the findings
  • The audit also gave a clear direction on how Emote could rectify existing issues and accurately pinpoint areas that had strong potential for positive growth
  • Emote’s search team launched new campaigns and saw immediate improvements in all key metrics based on the comparable data Emote had prior to the client engaging with them

Through this service Draffin achieved:

  • 6x ROI
  • Product launch campaign over 6 months

Social Media Advertising

After a thorough, yet swift onboarding process including an in-depth analysis of key target groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, Emote’s social team launched new campaigns and saw impressive results.

  • The approach involved consistently evolving and testing key areas of Draffin’s social advertising strategy
  • These areas include new audiences, ad copy, ad designs and creative placements. This allowed Emote to pinpoint what type of messaging, ad creative and audience resonated with Draffin’s ad content the most
  • Live reporting brought a new dimension of insights and an element of transparency when it came to results. Being able to see everything in one dashboard meant they didn’t have to look between various sources
  • Added commentary from the team also gave the client further clarity on the steps taken in order to achieve these results

Key results from this service:

  • 61 Website leads in their first 4 months of social advertising
  • 2k+ Views to the website via social advertising over the past 3 months
  • 15 website leads per month


Since engaging with Emote, Draffin have seen some of their most successful months in terms of revenue, website traffic, organic rankings and return on ad spend.

Emote Digital is now in the phase of continually developing and optimising new campaigns for Draffin and implementing strategies that will help leverage their positive results even further across the board.

About Emote Digital

Emote Digital has been delivering integrated solutions with beautiful results since 2001 offering in-house WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and digital marketing services.