Digital Marketing Agency Impression Plants 20,000 Trees

Strategic marketing agency Impression has planted over 20,000 trees and launches a new initiative to plant more in conjunction with its clients.

Since signing up with Ecologi in 2020, Impression has continuously funded tree planting and shorter-term renewable energy schemes in low-cost, high-impact locations around the world.

Ecologi’s model works on a per-employee basis so as the agency grows, so does its impact on the environment.

More recently, the digital agency has committed to planting a tree for each client feedback survey that it receives, putting a focus on maintaining and improving its client’s experience.

A passionate internal team leads Impression’s impact strategy under three core pillars: Well-being, CSR and sustainability, and diversity and inclusion.

Zoë Ogden, Impression’s people director, said:

This is an incredible milestone to have hit and I’m really proud to work for an agency that contributes to a cause that will truly make a difference. Using business as a force for good is one of our core values and planting trees is just one way that we are proud to put this value into practice. Giving back in this way has been made possible through the support of Ecology and I’d strongly encourage businesses to explore this scheme, or one that’s similar, to contribute towards a greener future.

To strengthen our efforts, our impact team leads a calendar of events that includes activities like sustainability clothes swaps and clothing bank donations. We’ve also committed to day-to-day changes, like switching all of our usual cleaning products to a more eco-friendly range.

Alex Koujan, head of client success at Impression, added:

Not only do we strive to make a meaningful impact on our planet but we are also committed to driving success for our clients. To further support our aspirations and to drive both purpose and performance, our latest initiative is to plant a tree for every client feedback survey that we receive via a form or a call. Planting 20,000 trees is truly impressive and I’m excited to see how many more we can plant in collaboration with our clients. The environment and our impact on it is something that is important to me, so on a personal level, I’m really pleased we are doing this.

The digital agency is transparent in its efforts, sharing its impact report externally. The report outlines the impact the business had during the 2020 – 2021 financial year, covering social and environmental issues.

About Impression

Impression is a multi-award winning, Digital Growth Agency. They define and deliver integrated digital strategies that transform their clients from market players to market leaders.