Digital Sensemaking: The Next Step in the Digital Evolution By

What a ride! Last month, announced that they were starting a collective of experienced digital professionals. A new type of agency, designed for the new normal.

Working with well-known corporates and promising scale-ups. Beyond Digital Transformation and ready for the logical next step: Digital Sensemaking.

Practice What Preach invited the market to think along with them: about the agency of the future, current issues and (company) goals, and market opportunities. And what a response they had!

It was very valuable, to speak to so many experts in such a short time and to see such enthusiasm about their plans! is happy to learn that its philosophy of Digital Sensemaking is widely acknowledged; was even able to fine-tune it, with the help of peers, customers, and colleagues all around.

Now that’s what call ‘practice what you preach’: a truly human-centered approach.

So Long, Digital Transformation

Over the past decade, digital evolution has touched the core of virtually all businesses. Through Digital Transformation, organizations have optimized their IT systems and digitized their business-critical processes.

New revenue streams were enabled, processes became more efficient and the cloud catered for scalability and speed. Just to name a few effects.

But moving forward, Digital Transformation, unfortunately, continues to be about rather conditional basic matters. Large consultancies help organizations translate business goals into digital strategies and IT outsourcers ensure that all processes run efficiently.

But instead of being able to really respond to the needs of humans using all that technology, many transformations fall into a never-ending cycle of re-platforming processes and costly management projects.

Often incomprehensible big data initiatives are launched and digital strategy advice ends up in a drawer because it is unclear how it should be realized.

Nowadays, digital transformation is all too often about setting up a platform and implementing technology that should lead to a service or product. While in the core a digital platform, product or service is not the goal, but the means.

The means to build and maintain a sustainable relationship between organization and people.

Time for Digital Sensemaking

But what is the logical next step in the digital evolution? A step in which it’s about optimally deploying, using, perhaps also adapting and sharpening all that is transformed. A step that revolves around the smart application of insights to the developed products, services, and platforms. This is what calls Digital Sensemaking.

Digital Sensemaking is based on three important points of view: start from the human perspective, make qualitative and quantitative data a permanent part of your development process, and ensure that the specialisms in Data, Design, and Technology are truly intertwined with each other.

Digital Sensemaking aims to build a lasting relationship with people, whether it is a customer, employee, patient, or any other person who interacts with your organization.

With these three points of view, a strong foundation is laid for the stable development of the right product or service with the right value. And it offers space to quickly and flexibly achieve a strong result:

No more extensive reports that are hard to put into practice, but an Actionable Digital Strategy that helps to actually reach the dot on the horizon. With an action-oriented roadmap based on service design and validated insights from a human-centered perspective.

Where technology is not just the implementation of a software suite, but above all the smart use of existing solutions through forward-thinking and smartly using proven building blocks in the right order.

And in which data is not only about poorly interpretable usage statistics or futuristic artificial intelligence but where it has a human feel to it and can be used immediately for a better digital product.

No complex re-platforming process or Agile scrum method that is more about the process than actual results, and where the individuals are forgotten, but the Shortest Path to Value (SPV), which focuses on maximum results with minimum impact for your organization. Where the short-term goal connects seamlessly with the long-term strategy.

And especially with a focus on Meaningful Data where data is not only collected and modeled but can be concretely connected in relation to people by just asking the right questions. After which the roadmap of the development or product evolution can be fed by the customers themselves and not fed based on assumptions.

(Not) A Revolution

A revolution? Thankfully not. There are many existing elements and processes in the Digital Sensemaking philosophy. Brought together in a refreshing, applicable, and proven valuable way.

And based on the response from the market and the projects is already carried out with them, there is momentum right now. It’s not time for a digital revolution, but rather it’s time for Digital Sensemaking.

Are you curious how this could work for your organization? Let them know, and’ll take you through their vision for the next step in digital development! It’s time for something fresh. Are you ready?

About helps you to get from a business concept to a validated digital product. Their team has extensive experience in designing and building digital business-critical products, services, platforms, and apps by truly intertwining data, design, and technology from a human-centered perspective.