Crowd Provides Health Tech Insights At User Centred Design Conference In Amsterdam

User Centered Design (UXD) is coming for the first time to Amsterdam between 4th and 5th July 2019.

The conference will be hosting 18 international experts on healthcare UX who will be covering the latest and greatest user-centered design in healthcare.

Crowd will be represented at the conference by Global CEO, Jamie Sergeant, who will be speaking about various technology-driven projects with an emotional connection, including Amoena, a multi-market campaign to support women through breast cancer.


Amoena is a global leader in supporting women experiencing breast cancer, combining technology with supreme comfort to offer an extensive range of mastectomy bras, swimwear and breast symmetry products that address the needs of every woman.

Crowd created a campaign microsite, called ‘The Day I Was Told’, featuring the stories of real women that had been through a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment journey. The campaign was a great success as it drove 1.2 million engagements from our target audience and 30,000 people to the website to further explore the content and stories.

With healthcare tech being one of the fastest growing industries having a global market worth of $135.9 billion, the main topics that will be covered during UXD conference are: designing for machine learning and AI; figuring out how to design for Telemedicine; debunking whether chatbots, messaging and video-calling will reach their potential; and overcoming the challenges of designing to the needs and not the wants of the users.

Jamie Sergeant will be speaking about finding humanity in technology.

According to Sergeant,

Even though technology is essential and now part of our daily lives, the human element cannot be ignored in global communications.

No matter how revolutionary or advanced technology gets, brands need to ensure that customers who buy their products are at the heart of their user experience. Instead of just highlighting the technology utilised, brands should take an authentic approach instead of a manufactured one; this will ensure that people, along with their desires and convictions, are kept at the centre of the creative development.

This conference will bring together designers, practitioners, clinicians, technologists and thought leaders linked by the common belief that we can alter and improve our healthcare experience. From the food we eat to the tools we use and the hospitals and hospices we reside in, we can all make a difference and improve the healthcare experience.

New ideas from this event can be implemented into other industries too in order to improve customer experience.

One good example is the hospitality sector along with restaurants and take-aways which will highly benefit from voice search, because by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches.