Creative Campaign for Fashion City: How Jewish Londoners Shaped Global Style

Fashion City is a new and major exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands, celebrating iconic London fashion and the craftsmanship, passion and creativity of London’s Jewish communities. The exhibition tells the story of how Jewish Londoners shaped global style.

The Brief

Running from October to April, our role was to design a suite of assets, including video and statics, to promote ticket sales in the lead-up to the exhibition launch.

We aimed to shine a spotlight on the remarkable contributions of Jewish designers, makers and retailers who dressed legends like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Princess Diana, and many others. These designers have fascinating histories, and their stories are pivotal in understanding how London has become the famous fashion landmark it is today.

The Response

Influence Digital started by auditing the exhibition’s target audience, identifying three key segments: Museum Explorers, Fashion Lovers, and those intrigued by Jewish Heritage. To delve deeper, we conducted Audiense reports for a comprehensive understanding of what catches the eye of these audiences.

Combining these findings with the available assets and the exhibition’s Key Art, we recognised the need to maximize our creativity using cutting-edge editing tools and current design trends. Our goal was clear—to tailor designs that resonate with each identified audience to push ticket sales.

Building on these insights, we developed the campaign structure, which consisted of an awareness phase featuring a hero video, GIFs and cutdown videos, as well as a conversion phase with static images and a 6-second video. Our initial focus was on leveraging the widespread recognition of famous individuals who wore garments by Jewish designers like Mr Fish and Otto Lucas to generate significant interest.

The Results

In result, we successfully produced a suite of promotional assets, featuring engaging videos and animated visuals to generate substantial interest and excitement leading up to the Fashion City exhibition launch at the Museum of London Docklands.

The exhibition received widespread recognition and acclaim, raising awareness and appreciation for the contributions of Jewish designers, makers and retailers in establishing London as a fashion landmark.

The success of our campaign demonstrated the power of effective design and storytelling in promoting cultural heritage and creativity.

About Influence Digital

Influence Digital is an award-winning digital and social media marketing agency based in Central London.