Clickslice Helped London Speech Workshop Book More Discovery Calls

ClickSlice helped London Speech Workshop to improve the visibility of their website.

The Background

ClickSlice was hired by London Speech Workshop to help improve the visibility of their website for people searching for their services.

London Speech Workshop is a communication company that hosts speech workshops and courses across the world. They’ve been featured in some of the biggest media outlets in the UK and have a reputation for being the best at what they do.

Some of the services they offer are:

  • Accent reduction
  • Corporate workshops
  • Training in public speaking

Essentially, anything to do with being a better communicator and a great speech-maker.

The Keywords

As you might imagine for an English-speaking country with a diverse population, the UK is home to some of the biggest names in speech and communication therapies in the entire world. Their task was to find the right keywords used by searchers with a high intent to purchase. After our research phases, ClickSlice identified keywords like:

  • “accent softening course”
  • “accent reduction course london”
  • “corporate communication workshops”
  • “public speaking workshop”

All ClickSlice had to do is get London Speech Workshop to appear in the top results for these searches, and their reputation for being the best would finally be reflected in their online presence.

The Campaign

After assessing their website and the website of their main competitors, their first task was to completely overhaul the SEO structure of content. Before ClickSlice changed things up, their website pages had a low keyword density and contained no keyword strings or internal links. This is a big no-no if you want to appear as an authority in your industry.

Their SEO team fixed all of these issues within the first week, laying a strong foundation for phase two of the campaign.

In phase two, their link-building team got to work on leveraging London Speech Workshop’s expert reputation and getting them mentioned on some of the biggest media and speech-related websites on Google.

The authoritative links combined with their site optimizations had a massive impact, quickly shooting London Speech Workshop to the top of Google!


ClickSlice’s campaign resulted in an increase in over 1,500 positions across all the keywords for their client!

London Speech Workshop now ranks in the top two positions on Google for all of their main keywords:


They’re delighted to say that this translated into BIG revenue gains.

Emma, the CEO of London Speech Workshop, has said:

We started working with ClickSlice in October 2019, In January 2020, we had our best month ever in terms of leads and turnover in the last 12 years.

About ClickSlice

ClickSlice is an award-winning SEO agency in London that are known for their unique approach to SEO.