Cambridge Club 2022 Creative Refresh

Influence Digital rebranded The Cambridge Club, presenting a new, fun and fresh look for the music festival.

The Brief

The Cambridge Club is a feel-good festival of Disco & Discovery for all ages, that takes place annually in Cambridge. Before the launch of The Cambridge Club 2022, the festival wanted to elevate its look and feel as the festival gained more popularity and success. This led Cambridge Club to task Influence Digital with a full rebrand.

The 2022 line-up was jam-packed with legendary artists, including Diana Ross, Nile Rodgers & CHIC, The Jacksons and many more! With such a star-studded line-up, Influence Digital wanted to ensure the new, creative branding reflected not only the fantastic musical acts but also the sense of community, fun & feel-good energy The Cambridge Club has been known to provide.

The Response

Influence Digital started their rebranding process with a creative strategy session. In the session, they discovered that focusing on the festival’s music resonated much more with their target audience than focusing on the city of Cambridge and its history in science and technology.

They also wanted to move away from an explicit and detailed illustrative route as it was limiting in the creative application and in presenting an image of the festival.

Based on these insights, Influence Digital decided to give the festival a rebrand that guaranteed a premium but playful feel and gave them many options when creating individual social assets. They aimed to leave room for imagination; Rather than illustrating the wonders of the festival, they wanted to leave subtle hints and allow the audience to form their own ideas.

To achieve this, Influence Digital focused on the following creative elements:

Icons: The recognisable abstract shapes they landed on were designed to be indicative of Cambridge and the festival’s playful disco vibe. The shapes were designed to work across many applications, from large OOH billboards to paid social assets. By simplifying the festival’s look and feel, they enabled its true magic to shine through.

Photography and video: From Cambridge Club 2021, Influence Digital had a lot of beautiful imagery they wanted to highlight on the feed. They discovered a font that sat perfectly on top of the videos and photos, allowing them to take full advantage of all the fantastic footage from the previous festival while relaying information to the audience.

The tone of voice and messaging: Influence Digital aimed to tap into the feelings of freedom and fun in their messaging and have the tone of voice reflect the festival’s appeal. To do this, they developed a word cloud of exciting words that catered to the states they wanted to tap into.

The Results

  • 5M impressions on Facebook
  • 34k engagements on Instagram
  • 261k engagements on Twitter
  • 11.4k video views on TikTok

The Conclusion

The Cambridge Club 2022 was a huge success, and Influence Digital’s rebrand presented the festival as fun, fresh and dynamic. Through bespoke icons, high-quality photos and videos, and catered and specific messaging, Influence Digital showed the festival as the place to be in the summer of 2022!

About Influence Digital

Influence Digital is an award-winning digital and social media marketing agency based in Central London.