Amazon Launches A New AR Feature To Preview Products Before Users Buy

Amazon unveiled an AR feature in its iOS shopping app which allows customers to see how a specific product will look in their home or office before they order it.

The new feature, named as AR view, has been shared on their press release includes Black Friday deals.

AR view is developed using Apple’s ARKit and works with iOS 11 on iPhone 6, in the U.S for now.

Also, it’s noted that using Apple’s ARKit, AR view helps customers make better shopping decisions by allowing them to visualize the aesthetic and fit of products in their own living space.


What customers need to do is opening the Amazon App, clicking on the camera icon and the AR view button afterwards. They will find a various options to select and preview before they buy.

Watch the video to see more about Amazon‘s augmented reality experience:

Even the companies such as IKEA have already announced almost the same feature in the past, it seems that Amazon has been waiting for customers to get familiar with AR technology.

This means, Amazon can now gather the attention and see the actual results of AR view in advance of the peak shopping season.

Amazon has released quite a few features in the past few months, including Amazon For Teens.