Brickfielder Golf Shirts: Taking a Swing at Fashion Technology

Brickfielder asked eDesign Interactive to build a website and online store. They’ve researched the brand and knew it right away- this would be no ordinary website.

About the Client

Brickfielder creates golf shirts inspired by biomechanics. They’re made with a high-tech, breathable, water-repellent and windproof membrane that protects the trapezius and deltoid muscles during the rotational movement of the golf swing. What’s more, Brickfielder shirts stimulate the delivery of oxygen to the blood, helping golfers conserve energy longer, increase endurance and boost their swing.

eDesign Interactive’s Role

Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, User Experience, Project Management, E-Commerce Development, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, User Interface Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Social Integrations.

When Technology Meets Fashion

Brickfielder challenged eDesign Interactive team to build a website and online store for this not-so-ordinary brand. With no visuals of the product and no previous marketing materials or digital graphics, the project began from the ground up. They started by sketching a concept that combined the classical style of a sports clothing line with the provocative flair of high fashion.

The team brainstormed ways to inform golfers about the infrared thermal regulation weaved into Brickfielder’s fabric. The team’s goal was to create an instant visual perception with a “wow factor”. The answer: eDesign Interactive designed a 3D layout animation that showcases Brickfielder inside and out.

Cool. Cooler. Coolest

The infrared thermal regulation woven in the fabric of Brickfielder shirts allows the body to maintain a constant temperature while evaporating sweat and helping golfers feel comfortable and focused on the game. eDesign Interactive used tree leaves as a reference to simulate the blowing wind for different weather conditions.

Creative Photoshoot Session

With no visuals or marketing materials prior to working with them, a high-fashion photo session was in order. They sketched the creative concept, turned on their studio lights, and brought in a fashion photographer extraordinaire. They photographed a professional golf player with a strong swing, using his pictures to populate Brickfielder’s online galleries and storefront.

Amplifying the Brand

Paying attention to every detail, eDesign Interactive created a high energy, high fashion sports mood for the brand. They even implemented custom-made fonts to simulate the action of a golf swing.


Enticing Sales with a Single Click

Building a customized store from scratch is easy when you can rely on their fantastic back-end development team. eDesign Interactive seamlessly integrated Brickfielder’s online store, shopping cart, user registration, merchant processing, promotions, social media feeds and pinnable galleries, adding easy-to-browse clothing collections and size and texture options.

Responsive on Every Device

eDesign Interactive designed Brickfielder’s site to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices—whether the user is on a smartphone or a 27″ monitor. No resizing, no panning, no scrolling.

Golf Is Their Favorite Game

eDesign Interactive talked golf, learned about golf and were advised by a professional golfer throughout the entire Brickfielder planning and design process. And they loved every minute of it!

What Else?

The eDesign Interactive team produced in-house graphics, custom fonts and 3D animations, and built a custom CMS from scratch to house the online store. They even designed print catalogues to drive home a full-service branding experience.

About eDesign Interactive

Digital experience agency headquartered in Morristown, NJ. Founded in 2004. eDesign Interactive design dazzling websites, digital strategies, and interactive campaigns.