Brave New Brand Unites as One

Brave Bison’s new identity brings together the very best of performance, social, and tech.

Today Brave Bison unites all of its brands as one.

But for Brave Bison this is more than just a new logo. This is the start of a brave new world. And they’re leading the pack. Three continents. One herd. A global collective that lives and breathes digitally.

Why Now?

Your world used to be limited by who you knew or where you lived. Now we live life in infinite digital space. Dating online. Working remotely. Minting NFTs. If you thought disruption was a threat before, how about now?

Expectations have exploded. New platforms, creators and trends in constant flux. And you’re expected to have this all figured out. Gone are the days when you could turn to an agency – they can’t keep up either.

That’s why Brave Bison is a different beast: a media, marketing and technology company built for the new era.

They connect digital experiences, creators and conversions. And they’re underpinned by a universe like no other – their own social-first media network. With monthly views in the billions, Brave Bison knows how to build communities and make hearts roar.

Acquisition of Greenlight Commerce and Greenlight Digital

In August 2021, Brave Bison acquired leading digital performance and commerce agency Greenlight.

The alliance forged their global media and marketing empire numbering over 200 employees with a turnover of £30m from offices in London and Singapore that will focus on socially-driven growth.

The acquisition also saw them unite their roster of clients such as Vodafone, Panasonic, and Ellesse with Greenlight’s impressive portfolio of brand partners including New Balance, GHD and Superdry.

Greenlight’s multi-award-winning team brought new sets of skills in digital advertising to the table, resulting in a truly innovative proposition set to disrupt the industry landscape.

Acquisition of Best Response Media

In April 2022, Brave Bison announced the acquisition of leading commerce and mobile development Best Response Media, alongside stellar financial results for 2021.

There has been a shift in what clients need vs what they are getting with their media partners.

Oli Green commented:

Clients and customers are interested in a partner like us joining the dots across what is now a fragmented and difficult-to-navigate digital media and advertising ecosystem, so acquiring Best Response Media made sense.

Aligned in values, the acquisition of Best Response Media complements and accelerates their plans for growth and expands their outfit overseas.

They are proud to be championing the way in hiring from a broader and more diverse pool of talent and this move allows them to expand on that – with their Headquarters in London and hubs stretching across Singapore, Thailand, Bulgaria, Serbia, Morocco, South Africa and now Egypt.

New Era, New Beast

Alongside these exciting acquisitions, in April Brave Bison announced stellar financial results for 2021. Reporting pro-forma revenues of almost £30mn, revenue growth of 50% and Adjusted EBITDA of £1.8mn.

This rebrand is just the beginning.

About Brave Bison

Brave Bison is a global social media, marketing, and technology company leading the herd into a Brave new world.