Brave Bison Creates New YouTube Channel for Toy-Maker Bandai

Brave Bison recently partnered up with the world renowned Japanese toy-maker brand Bandai to create The World Of Zombies YouTube channel.

Bandai is the manufacturer and master toy licensee of some of the world’s most popular brands in children’s toys and interactive entertainment.

They came to Brave Bison as they wanted to create a new YouTube channel for their popular play-set, The World of Zombies. The channel gives audiences the opportunity to engage with their favourite zombie characters and further explore the World Of Zombies.

Brave Bison worked closely with the Bandai team to create the channel, which is a fully optimised home to all of their accompanying video assets for their brand new toy range. Brave Bison’s dedicated YouTube team also localised through geo-specific metadata for a number of key territories.

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