Brave Bison Celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day With Kimberly Clarke

To celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day on the 28th of May, Brave Bison, together with Kotex SG, a Kimberly-Clark brand, developed a creative campaign like no other in the fight against Period Stigma.

This year, Kotex wants to be the catalyst to break the silence, raise awareness and shift the negative social perceptions around menstruation to encourage young girls to feel comfortable talking freely and confidently about their periods.

Brave Bison engaged 6 young female influencers to help them deliver this message in an authentic way and they partnered with an all-female production crew and local female Singaporean director to drive these conversations.

The video follows an interview with the influencers and emphasizes that talking about periods should be something more normal than it is. Brave Bison feel that the approach to talk honestly and open will encourage the viewers to feel empowered as well.

Brave Bison is delighted to play a part in Kotex’s efforts of increasing awareness of Menstrual Hygiene Day and is pleased to help them achieve their goals of fighting period stigma.

About Brave Bison

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