Inspirational UX Infographics For Designers in 2020

Infographics are one of the best methods to learn about UX which stands for “user experience” for any product with an interface, including websites.

The most valuable brands like Apple and Google boast great designs that center around UX because the benefits of optimizing UX are profound. UX addresses all the aspects of a service from the perspective of the consumer, both visually and functionally.

Here are 13 UX infographics which could be inspirational for the UX designers.

1. The UX Process

ux designer infographics
Source: Lithespeed

2. Visual Thinking Methodology


UX Designer

Source: Digital Information World


3. The Development Process

UX designer infographic
Source: Design Brother

4. UX vs CX





5. User Experience Process


User Experience

Source: ConversionXL


6. Mobile App Design


UX Mobile app design

Source: Clasesdeperiodismo


7. The Disciplines of User Experience Design


user experience design



8. Responsive & Native In the UX Lifecycle

user experience lifecycle

9. UX vs UI Designer

difference of UX design UI design
Source: Abdevlab

10. UX is not UI

Source: UX is not UI

11. Ideal vs Real Design Process


UX design

Source: Behance


12. Website Do’s and Don’ts


website design for UX designers

Source: Digital Information World


13. The Difference Between Agile and Lean UX

agile UX lean UX

Well, web design is a tricky subject and there are a lot of things you should consider when creating a website or updating an existing one. Here Mobiteam has prepared a list of do’s and don’ts principles every web designer should take into accounts.

These are some of the inspirational UX infographics that you can utilize to get started on user-centric design in 2020.

Remember, in the world of design and interfaces, the user is always right.