Best Project Management Software for Consulting Firms

Best Project Management Software for Consulting Firms

Project management is a complex and demanding job. Creating spreadsheets, scheduling, checking stages of your team, or communicating with clients… All of these can slow down your results. At this point, the use of project management software for consulting firms would be the right choice for an efficient and quality outcome.

What is project management software for consulting firms? 

Project management software is a tool designed to help you achieve the results you want in your projects. Supporting you in project planning and development, resource allocation, and crisis management, project management software enables you to reach your result with ease and efficiency. 

Project management software,

  • allows control of budgeting, quality management and documentation
  • benefits by tracking the progress of projects, campaigns, resources and tasks
  • enables communication

In addition to having many apps and programs, it is also critical to choose the right one for your project. Determining the best project management software for consulting firms that will take you to the maximum depends on your working style, project, team, and budget.

What is the best project management software for consulting firms?

Here are the best project management software choices we have listed to help you:

  • Forecast
  • Monitask
  • Teamwork
  • Accelo’s intuitive project management software for consulting firms provides a high-level overview of your client’s projects. You can create and customize boards in order to show your clients clear information. As consultant management projects are mostly based on visuals, getting help from a project management solution can help show your clients the big picture. 


One of the biggest benefits provides to consultants is to pull up reports easily. You can also gather insights from finished or existing projects for your client’s future consultation projects. Sharable dashboards let your clients feel like they can take a part in the project closely.


Project Management Software for Consulting Firms

Forecast, a global software company, was founded in 2016 as an AI-Native platform. It provides services in Financial, Resource and Project Management. It is designed to help all kinds of customers and projects, not just a specific segment. So, anyone who needs management software can benefit from Forecast. 

Claiming to have high technology, Forecast differs from other project management tools in that its application can associate task and resource management with project financials in one place. Knowing that the use of time and budget is very important in project management, Forecast has adopted an approach that aims to minimize the loss of time on the project and prevent any harmful budget loss that may occur.

Other features and functions include automating busywork, and determining and applying the right conditions to reach the goal. It provides you with foresight by predicting the results that may occur at the end of the plan. Focusing on achieving the best, Forecast supports each team member to reach an efficient and quality result, as there must be good teamwork in the project management process. 


Project Management Software for Consulting Firms

Monitask also facilitates communication with other team members on the project, especially for companies working remotely. 

It is time-tracking software designed to make sure that your project and work are progressing properly. It takes screenshots of team members’ workstations so that you can be sure that the work is done during the project process. The screenshot feature can take action either at a time you choose or at a random time determined by the system. During this time, team members can see when to start and end the task. 

The dashboards, another feature of Monitask, offer you a summary of your project. They provide a real-time summary of 

  • what stage your team is at, 
  • the web and app activities of your team members, and 
  • how long the workflow took. 

The dashboards allow you to have comprehensive control of your project. Therefore, you are informed about every step. Being a complete-time tracking software, Monitask can show you how much time your team spends on projects. With this information, it can be easier to calculate a budget. 


Project Management Software for Consulting Firms teamwork

Teamwork is a software company helping you in your project management and achieving an efficient and profitable result. The software, which has many features and functions in project management and planning, promises you:

  • Helping to plan and manage complex projects
  • Accelerating the project process by minimizing the time loss that may occur
  • Providing unlimited access to your customers and thus gaining more recognition

A structure where everything is gathered in a single platform makes the project process painless and quick. Thanks to its features such as Gantt charts, dashboards, portfolio management, time tracking, reporting boards, and workload management, it is possible to plan, determine the tasks of team members, communicate about the progress of the project and organize even the most complex tasks.

With the Templates feature, you can easily and quickly determine projects and tasks that can take a long time. Another feature is that it provides free access to your customers. The more people see your project, the more your visibility will increase so you can form the basis of your potential collaborations.

Attaching importance to customer satisfaction and support, Teamwork aims to make you happy. It has been created to assure that all the necessary steps in project management are carried out easily and conveniently.


Project Management Software accelo

We give service businesses a system to run their operations, streamlining client work, automating processes and letting professionals get back to doing the work they love.” Says Accelo. Accelo is a software that provides automation services within the project management process. It speeds up and simplifies the project process by automating many features.

With its functions such as automatic time tracking, automatic recording of project information, and automation of resource management, Accelo is a comprehensive software. The automatic time tracking module is important to avoid wasting time in project planning.

CRM by Accelo records customer information, e-mails, and communication history. Therefore you can access all information from your customers or be aware of their requests or problems. Also, automation of resource management is a sought-after feature in project management.

Accelo emphasizes that, unlike other software, its system has a secure structure with encryption. Accelo works for its customers to achieve a successful results by increasing the collaboration within the team.

We wanted to help you choose the right one for you by giving information about five project management software for consulting firms. Regardless of whether your project is small or large, if you want to maximize your efficiency and quality, choosing the ideal one will help you a lot.