Best 9 Google Adsense Alternatives

In order to be monetized, most publishers would either use an ad exchange or an ad network. You see, monetizing something isn’t actually that easy. If you’re a publisher yourself, you might be familiar with things like Google Adsense, the agent for monetization. Adsense is an example of the most commonly used ad network on the market.

When you’re talking about the best ad network to monetize a website or channel, most people will run after Google Adsense. Why? The reason is simple.

As you may know, Google Adsense is one of many Google products. With the integration, publishers may have a chance to get high-quality ads coming from various companies and brands. When they see that your website is valuable, they won’t hesitate to put their ads in yours. And thanks to the ad network, publishers can automatically gain profits once the ads start appearing on their platform.

Adsense works differently with the ad exchange. While ad networks act as an agent to connect advertisers and publishers, an ad exchange is an actual marketplace where transactions happen. The goods here are not physical products that you may find on general marketplaces. Instead, people will buy and sell ad space or inventory.

Reputable publishers will have a higher price compared to the others. And, of course, the advertisers who want their ads to be placed in the most crowded place are also willing to pay more. And when the demand and supply meet, that’s when you get some profit.

Although Adsense is often seen to be one of the most favourable ad networks to gain profits, there are things that make it somewhat hated. First off, the requirements for monetizing websites are grey. Unlike YouTube channel requirements which every aspect will be stated, there’s no specific about what factor should be fulfilled. In the end, publishers are left in confusion, working to build their websites organically, hoping that their platforms can be accepted one day.

Second, the setup process might be a bit confusing for some people. Beginners who jumped into the publishing world for the first time would find it hard to navigate everything. Fortunately, there are so many tutorials about this that can be used as guidance.

And since there are so many factors to consider, it’s better to look for alternatives starting now. 

About The Ad Exchange

As mentioned above, besides using ad networks, publishers may also benefit from ad exchanges. These are the marketplaces where they can sell their ad inventory. As long as they can offer high-quality inventory, they will potentially receive higher income as well.

The system used on the ad exchange is bidding, which is done in real-time. Publishers, as sellers, can set the minimum price for their ad space. The price will be compared first, and from there, the publishers may set the recommended price. After that, the exchange will auction this ad space to the advertisers. The higher the bid, the better for both advertisers and publishers.

And, of course, the one who wins the auction is the highest bid. 

Is Ad Exchange Important?

Yes, the main idea is that ad exchange can always be used as an alternative, so publishers can always find a way to monetize their digital assets. When they’re not accepted to Google Adsense, the ad exchange can really be a great second option.

Ad exchange actually provides benefits for advertisers and publishers. Looking at the advertisers’ side, they can really get the proper ad placement for their promotion campaign. By picking the most relevant publishers and platforms, the chance of getting a high level of conversion is increased. That way, it’s a win for advertisers since there’s a higher chance that more people will buy their products.

For publishers, ad exchange can be a great way to monetize their digital assets. By optimizing their website and platforms, they can potentially increase the value, and thus, the minimum price can be increased as well. And it’s also a win for publishers since they can get more and more money as long as their website keeps growing and performs well for the ads.

How Do They Work?

When you create an account on a certain ad exchange, you can see that your ad inventory will be displayed and set for an auction. Usually, they use the three systematic ways to do the auction. First, the Open Auction. Open Auction means all the publishers and advertisers can join in the bidding. For publishers, they can buy more ad space to make sure that their ads will be displayed while preventing others at the same time.

There’s also the Private Auction, the process of auction, which is a certain activity when a publisher sends an invitation group to the potential advertisers for a more closed auction process. Of course, the publisher must be the one who has a high reputation and is credible in the market. 

In order to be qualified, the advertisers have to pass the minimum amount of CPM set by the publisher. Of course, the publisher needs to set the proper price for their ad space. If it’s too high, advertisers will ignore it right away.

And the last one is Preferred Deal. This auction is performed by a publisher directly to a preferred advertiser. This can be done even before the public auction is open. During this time, the advertisers may have a chance to buy exclusive, premium ad space for a higher price. Price negotiation is possible as long as the transaction hasn’t been made.

About The Alternatives

You see, the ad exchanges may work very well to grant additional income for the publishers. Although the process does seem to be quite complex, it’s actually not in reality. While the competition for getting into the Adsense program might be too fierce, especially for today’s market, maybe now is a great time to make an effort.

However, there are also other ad networks worth knowing, with a number that’s too many to count. In this article, we will explain the nine best Google Adsense alternatives that you need to consider. We’ll be looking at several aspects of each ad network, including their best features, pros, cons, and reviews from users.

The Best 9 Google Adsense Alternatives

Among the many options of ad networks available on the market, here are the top nine best that you need to consider.

1. CodeFuel


In the first place, we have CodeFuel as our top recommendation. Even today, CodeFuel has still considered one of the best Adsense alternatives thanks to the high-paying ads that are truly beneficial for many publishers. But of course, in order to get the high amount, there are some specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. For example, the project value should be more than $10,000, which is a big number.

Another best thing about CodeFuel is its multiple monetization methods. Aside from gaining money through website monetization, you can also monetize your chrome extensions if you have one. Thus, you may have a chance to gain a much higher income at the same time.

Since 2014, CodeFuel has been around for a long time to be a dependable and reliable ad partner for many publishers. The site also offers optimization for various ads, which may be useful to increase the effectiveness and, ultimately, income.

Best Features:

  • Various optimization methods to fit the needs of publishers
  • Offers great ad optimization, opening multiple ways of customization to the publishers.


  • The UI is good enough and easy to understand
  • Various monetization methods
  • CodeFuel offers greater integration with various analytical tools
  • Has free analytic tools
  • Publishers may reach greater profit through ad optimization.


  • The requirement is too high, even for publishers who spend lots of time in the market.
  • The setup process is often complained to be long and a bit extensive.

What They Said About It

Even today, many people are still considered CodeFuel to be more than a decent Adsense replacement. It offers great value for those who are qualified and wish to be consistent with the projects. With free analytical tools and ad optimization, you can at least make the ads more effective for the audience. But still, the requirement is just too big to ignore.

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2. Revcontent


The second option we have on our list is Revcontent. If you’re focusing on native ads, this is the platform for you. Revcontent is the platform where the matching process happens. It will directly connect you to potential advertisers, and the process isn’t that long. Aside from the Native, you can also find other types of ads available, including video, mobile, and display ads.

Revcontent has been long known thanks to its reputation as a great platform. It may offer huge benefits for both parties, which is great. 

Best Features:

  • Has a system that’s easy to understand and operate
  • Quick setup process
  • Lots of ad options
  • Has great traffic sources


  • Various ad types
  • Great connections to deliver a good amount of traffic
  • Has better optimization for native ads compared to the other networks


  • The ad volume is limited.
  • Sometimes, the traffic comes from sources with high bounce rates.
  • The daily budget is limited.

What They Said About It

This ad network has received relatively good reviews from users. The first thing people love about it is native ad optimization, a kind of ad that most people use. There are also other ad options that you can also use as well. However, some reports mentioned that the traffic is not actually that good in quality.

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3. AdThrive


The third option we have here is AdThrive, one of the most compelling ad networks that you can pick to further increase your ad revenue. The network works on a cost-per-impression system, so for everything the ad is seen, you’ll start receiving the income. 

If you’re having some trouble monetizing your website, their team will help you out in figuring out what’s wrong with it and try to find the best solution together. Although all of these seem to be fitting for beginners, AdThrive is actually most suitable for experienced bloggers.

The requirement is considered high, with a minimum of 100,000 views per month, and they should be coming from the US. The platform has a minimum payout of $25. 

Best Features:

  • Has a great system for maximizing ad revenue
  • Has High RPM rates
  • Great ad optimization


  • Offers a great way to optimize your ads
  • Minimum payout
  • Excellent customer service


  • Really high requirement
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • The traffics have to be really specific

What They Said About It

According to some reviews, users have mentioned that AdThrive is an excellent Adsense replacement. Thanks to the traffic, the revenue gained from the ads can be considered high. However, the requirement is also really hard to fulfil, especially for beginners. 

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4. Mediavine


The next ad network we’d like to recommend is Mediavine. Similar to Adsense, the platform has a 75% revenue share with bloggers or publishers who collaborate with them. Many said that Mediavine works in a similar way to AdThrive, only with some differences, including the requirement. In order to be applied, you need to have at least 50,000 monthly views.

The platform has a minimum payout of $25 for both direct bank transfers and Paypal. 

Best Features:

  • High payment grade
  • Fair share with publishers
  • High revenue


  • Publishers may have a lot of ad optimization options
  • Has great flexibility
  • Has a low minimum payout


  • The requirement is a bit high

What They Said About It

Similar to AdThrive, people said good things about Mediavine regarding its ability to generate higher income. Thanks to the specific traffic that is targetted high-paying rate locations, publishers may have a chance to get much better revenue than before. But, the minimum amount to be applied is still considered high, even though it’s only half the amount of AdThrive’s.

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5. Playwire


The next option we have on the list is Playwire. This is the platform where a single platform will be optimized using the best ad tech that they have. They said that technological implementation could make the system works smarter. It has its own platform called RAMP, which basically means the revenue amplification is managed by professionals. But again, this ad network requires 500,000 page views monthly, which is really high. Meanwhile, the minimum payout amount is small. It’s $100 for Paypal and $500 for wired transfers.

Best Features:

  • An advanced system to optimize your ads
  • The UI is visually attractive and easy to access


  • Low payout amount
  • Quick transfer period
  • Thanks to RAMP, publishers may have a chance to get a higher income.


  • Really high requirement
  • The system may be a bit complex

What They Said About It

People said that the platform might offer them a greater amount of profit through their advanced system. One thing that’s troubling them is the minimum requirement for applying, which is 500,000 monthly views.

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6. Bidvertiser


Another ad network we’d like to recommend is Bidvertiser. The platform works using the bidding system, as most ad networks do. However, the system is simpler. Rather than using automation for the ads placement, the ad network will give you the options of advertisers who wish to pay for your ad space.

However, although this seems to be promising, it may have a chance of upsides and downsides, including the risks that advertisers may outbid each other, which can make your ad space price higher while also making it possible for your space to get zero offer because advertisers won’t see it at all.

Best Features:

  • The bidding system is easy to understand
  • A great method to connect publishers and advertisers


  • Low payment rate
  • Possibility of getting a higher ad revenue
  • The system is easy to understand


  • High requirement request
  • The system may also bring several downsides, like zero conversion.

What They Said About It

Overall, the platform is a good alternative to Adsense, where you can monetize your platform in a simpler way. The bidding system is nice, and the system it has is easy to understand. However, it can also bring some risks, terrible ones, if you’re not careful.

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7. Taboola


If you wish to engage in collaboration with bigger companies, Taboola is a great option to try. One of the best things people love about this ad network is the fact that it has established good relationships with notable and famous brands in their own markets.

And thanks to that, publishers may receive higher income through high-quality ads. The platform specializes in native ads. The traffic requirement to apply for the program is 500,000 views per month, and the minimum payout for PayPal is $50.

Best Features:

  • Great relationships with bigger brands
  • Great native ad optimization
  • High-quality ads for all publishers


  • Low minimum payout
  • Higher-quality orders from bigger brands
  • Native ads optimization


  • High requirement
  • The setup process might be a bit difficult and complex to do

What They Said About It

For publishers who want to increase their ad revenue, Taboola is certainly a good network to try. With quality ads coming from the top players in the market, publishers may have a chance to get higher profits. However, the traffic requirement is considered very high.

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8. Adcash


The next option we have on the list is Adcash. The platform has collaborated with more than 200 million users all over the world, with nearly a million apps installed from it. The good thing about Adcash is it supports all kinds of ad types, including premium ones. It also has the features to customize and optimize these ads.

Adcash also has multiple payment methods and a low minimum payout fee.

Best Features:

  • Great ad optimization
  • Lots of ad inventory
  • Large user base


  • Has a low minimum payout fee
  • Various payment methods are available
  • All kinds of ads are supported


  • Customer support is a bit unresponsive
  • Fierce competition

What They Said About It

If you wish for an ad network that has a low requirement and multiple payment methods, Adcash is definitely worth a try. Many people are satisfied with the service, and it’s proven by how large the user base is. Although, people also complained about the customer service.

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9. Setupad


The last one on the list we have is the Setupad. Again, the ad network requires you to have at least 100,000 monthly views, with the promise to bring you much greater ad revenue. You can select various ad formats, including expandable, native, sticky, and interstitial ads.

Best Features:

  • Excellent ad optimization
  • Better ad placements
  • Offers high-quality ads


  • Low minimum payout
  • Wide variety of ad options
  • Publishers may have the chance to get a high-income


  • High traffic requirement
  • Requires manual integration
  • Sometimes, the platform may work really slowly

What They Said About It

Thanks to the minimum traffic requirement, some publishers have stated that they have successfully gained an increase in ad revenue. However, some people also mentioned the platform is slow, unresponsive and always requires manual integration, which may take some time.

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And that’s all we can tell about the nine Google Adsense alternatives. As you can see, there are lots of options you may consider, from the ones that have a high traffic requirement to the others that are more beginner-friendly.

So, pick the one that’s suitable for you, and gain a high income in your own special way. Good luck!