BCWorks & Creative Technology Partners With Dräger in Their New Commercial

We have always known heroes by their extraordinary powers, but real-life heroes are always among us in our daily lives.

It is known that unique traits and unstoppable power have always contributed to the journey to becoming a hero. The commercial film, which questionary what makes a hero special, tells us that true power is born from a person’s belief and heart.

A producer with unwavering faith for many years, Dräger opens the doors to another awareness in a new commercial.

In the routine of daily life, despite the trouble and conditions that are impossible for a person, we see that employees quickly get out of tough jobs, and we witness this every day.

Shedding light on this point, Dräger reveals the hidden heroes who overcome troubles and shows us that the element that makes these heroes successful is the equipment that helps them in difficult conditions.

Dräger, who has been a supporter of real-life heroes with the equipment it has produced for over 130 years, shows us again that it has always supported the heroes in their journey to become heroes with the new commercial.

The Team Behind the Commercial Movie

  • Advertising Agency: BCWorks, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Founder: Mehmet Bayram
  • Executive Creative Director: Tuğba Almas
  • Writers: Sinan Sezer Ayaz, Alev Eren, Sevil Kale
  • Project Management: Emre Cantözün, Elçin Durak
  • Digital Creative Director: Burak Cingöz, Fırat Bayer
  • Art Director: Merve Yıldırım
  • Motion Graphic Designer: Büşra Cankur
  • Post-Production: Seren Müminoğlu, Ahmet Burak Tur
  • Customer Service: Bülent Sarigül, Emre Aksungur
  • Production Company: Portakal Studio
  • Directed by: Yunus Koray Akar
  • Producer: BCWorks Creative and Technology Agency
  • Music: Dauntless by Mark John Petrie – Audiomachine

About BCWorks&Creative Technology

BCWorks, a partner of Google Partners and Facebook Marketing Partners, is an interdisciplinary advertising agency offering digital and creative solutions.