Victoria Greywing

Victoria is a content manager at Movavi. She specializes in writing user-friendly content and researching complex topics of marketing, social media and blogging to make them easy to understand for other people.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Video Resume: Tips for Making a Stunning One

A video resume, or a video CV, has become a very common tool for job seekers. The idea behind this recording is to promote a job seeker. A video resume is basically a recording of your resume, which includes the most relevant details. Your objective is to get a job in your chosen industry, and …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Branding: How to Create a Memorable Brand Video [2022 Guide]

Brand videos are a recent phenomenon that has taken the business world by storm. Businesses now want to challenge traditional norms and go beyond the usual noise of advertising to tell powerful stories that really resonate with people all around the world. The great thing about brand videos is that they can be used by …

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