Alex Chan

Alex Chan is a co-founder of AntiSocial Solutions, an integrated digital marketing, branding, and media production agency with offices in Vancouver and Toronto. He has 15 years of website development and marketing management experience in Canada, America and Asia - leading projects for small businesses, corporate clients to high-traffic international media websites.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How to Use Long-Form Video Marketing in Your Digital Campaigns

In recent years consumer attention spans have come ...

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies In 2020: Trends And Tips

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to plan your 2020 digital marketing strategies. AntiSocial Solutions is a forward-thinking company, so we’ve compiled a list of 2020’s best marketing trends to help you and your business succeed in the new year. Artificial Intelligence Hearing the phrase Artificial Intelligence may bring up memories of …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Social Media Posting Time Myth Busters

At AntiSocial Solutions, we believe that efficiency is essential to success. We want to work smarter, not harder. In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it is increasingly important to stay current, qualified, connected, and quick. You can spend all the time in the world on a media project, but if you don’t nail down …

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Reddit: Marketing On The Front Page Of The Internet

Reddit: The self-proclaimed ‘Front Page of the Internet’ could be the new marketing platform your brand needs. Often overlooked by marketers due to the infamous hostility towards advertising by users, Reddit could be digital marketing’s final frontier. The platform is, however, slowly becoming more accepting towards advertising — especially if it is done in a …

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Paid Advertising Campaign Strategies & Successes

With every client we have, our goal is the same: To help them succeed. Often, that comes with a full digital marketing package, part of which is dedicated to paid advertising campaigns. More and more, clients of ours are seeing gains and profits from our paid advertising campaign strategies and this isn’t something only our …

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Burnout Costs Your Agency Real Money – Here’s How to Fix It

Constant work, no sleep, never shutting off? The idea that a continuous state of work means you will get more work done is flawed. It can be traced back to the principles of the Industrial Revolution: More production = more product. When applying these principles to humans at best it’s misguided and at worst, damaging. …

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Why You Need to Customize Your Event Marketing Strategy & How to Do It

Event marketing can be the difference between a sell-out show and a flop. And when creating your event marketing strategy, the one, most important thing to keep in mind is to know your audience. Customizing your marketing strategy to reflect your target audience yields higher ticket sales. Your copy, content, imagery, tactics, and your posting …

BLOG | Content Marketing

How to Plan Your Video Content to Meet Your Goals & Reach Your Audience

Brands need video content marketing; any marketer can tell you that. And, video marketing needs a strategy to be successful – without one, you’re wasting time and money. Video content has risen in popularity with audiences everywhere; the use of video on a landing page can increase conversions by 86%. And it’s especially effective with …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Vanity Metrics Are Dead: Why Paid Advertising Industry Is Moving Away From These Metrics?

When anyone can become “Instagram famous” for $50, it’s time to ask ourselves, who really cares about follower numbers? As a digital marketing agency, vanity metrics like follower counts and photo likes mean less and less to us every day. We’ll tell you why. Brands use Instagram to create various advertising strategies. However, even Instagram …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Restaurant Marketing

Hint: Restaurant marketing is more than good food photos. We’ve already touched on the importance of telling the story of a dish, the onslaught of #FoodPornFatigue, and the benefits of long-form video content for restaurants. Your audience is smart. By now you know blatant advertising only goes so far. But, not to fear. You can …

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