Aumcore Provides Ecommerce Solutions For Small And Midsize Companies

New York based digital marketing agency Aumcore, has assisted with SEO services, digital design, and brand building for a number of businesses.

The company also provides excellent solutions in eCommerce development. With an already proven portfolio boasting some of the top brands around the globe, Aumcore now announces opening services to cater to small and midsize companies.

Located in the US, Europe, and Asia, Aumcore has a global understanding of digital design and technical strengths and how to apply that to any sized business. They have formulated solutions from custom-built web applications to modifications to out-of-box platforms.

Storytelling of your brand is something Aumcore takes very personally, as they want to provide an unforgettable experience for someone navigating through your website. They take pride in seeing proven purchases materialize through the consumer interaction of business’s shopping portals.

Aumcore has a team of innovative technologists and creative designers all over the globe, ready to help you with any eCommerce website development requirements that need assistance.


With a portfolio that contains some of the most famed brands in the world, they have now expanded their services to small and midsize (SMB) businesses. Their team can guide projects from simple ideas to creation, ensuring continued prosperity for eCommerce platforms.

Aumcore’s ecommerce success is undoubtedly visible through work examples. Chesapeake Bay Candle, is a brand leader in scented candles, home fragrances, and many more products.

The company came to Aumcore seeking assistance with creating their first direct to Consumer eCommerce site while also empowering their distribution channel to place orders online as well.

Using their considerable experience in B2B and B2C web development and design, Aumcore was able to launch a site with mobile website SEO and dynamic user experience. This ended in exceedingly growth in traffic and sales, with fantastic results in increasing the order basket value.

The real challenge was achieving this on such a short time frame before the holiday season, but Aumcore was able to break through this obstacle with tremendous outcomes.

As a prominent digital marketing agency, Aumcore specializes in making each company’s eCommerce solution a gratifying user experience for the consumer.

Aumcore understands the importance of eCommerce design and customer support; any brand’s website is an exhibit for their products. A consumer can be just a few clicks away from a purchase and Aumcore’s team of ingenious and prolific developers has a grasp of just the way to ensure the maximized potential of your business.

Essentially involved in particularly large establishments, Aumcore’s extension of eCommerce services and assistance into small and mid-tier businesses/enterprises has been made in hopes to support the entrepreneurs and business professionals seeking experienced support in eCommerce solutions.

Their dedication to contribute proven excellence with growing NYC firms, has motivated them to provide 360° digital solutions to any company looking for help in growing brand identity and overall consumer traffic.

ArtStar, an online platform for finding and purchasing top of the line contemporary art, came to Aumcore seeking assistance in implementing a new redesign and support managing and integrating their online platform with multiple solutions.

The end result was a streamline user experience as well as a streamline back-end process to manage the delivery of the orders.


Aumcore recently announced their digital marketing services for small and mid-sized businesses that want to improve their brand identity.

As the potential start-up businesses market grows in NYC, Aumcore wants to open their expertise in platform and design execution for all brands and companies.

Aumcore’s vision remains the same when providing their technological and innovative brilliance to small and midsize businesses.

They understand that smaller businesses have different IT requirements and may face specific challenges due to resource availability and budget.

Aumcore specializes in bringing their expertise into any brand’s eCommerce store, overcoming obstacles or restraints that company may have.

With a results-driven approach, Aumcore’s proven work grants any company with the ability to fully immerse themselves within the digital market.

Being cultured and accomplished in the field of website development, Aumcore’s team can ensure an increase in organic traffic from targeted consumers and an overall growth in brand expansion.

The creative thinkers and technology experts of Aumcore, will guide your company’s vision into a fully operational and dynamic platform for eCommerce.

About Aumcore

Aumcore is a globally integrated multidisciplinary marketing agency based in NY with an efficient team of Strategic Thinkers, Client-Centric Managers, Creators of Content and Innovative Technologists.

They speak “digital natively” offering complete 360° marketing solutions with a high level of experience in multiple industries (for B2B and DTC business models) including Healthcare, Consumer Products, Finance, Manufacturing, Technology, Start Ups, and many others.