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Audi Is Using Data-Driven Digital Billboards To Display Current Road Conditions

Audi and BBH London launch a digital OOH campaign on using APIs and public data to present contextually relevant digital billboards on roadside displays.

To promote real-time driving conditions, Audi used original data to measure current driving conditions to endorse different aspects of their driving technology.

The project is created by BBH London and produced by Grand Visual. An interesting concept on serving public data on roadside displays – matching conditions to the assistive technology an automaker offers to deal with conditions such as traffic, time or weather.

The campaign is running across 9 key cities in the UK and on 211 screens, reads the tagline “Audi as your sixth sense.”


To trigger content that is contextually relevant at each digital out-of-home billboard display location, the campaign uses  real-time data. For instance, if the traffic is heavy, the creative showcases Audi’s Pre-Sense – a built-in technology package for predictive safety. In bad weather, the boards run messaging for all-wheel drive.

The dynamic campaign is managed to distribute through OpenLoop, a platform by Grand Visual that analyses UK transport API’s and weather data, and triggers the relevant creative for each roadside location.

Benjamin Braun, Head of Marketing at Audi UK, commented about the project,

This is the first data-driven digital OOH campaign we have launched on a national scale. By using data to contextualise copy, we can reach drivers with targeted and tactical advertising messages that are relevant throughout the day, tapping into the driver’s mindset in the moment. That is powerful.

Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer at Grand Visual, added,

This campaign is a great fit for a brand that continues to be at the forefront of vehicle intelligence technology. Data and technology coming together to complement idea-led communication and become the new creative standard.

This is a great example of how brands are using technology in real-time context and spreading it via traditional media.

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