Amine Bentahar, CDO & COO At AVX Digital Shares The Agency’s Achievements And His Silicon Valley Experience

Dallas-based AVX Digital is a rapidly growing, full-service digital marketing agency, which is focused on programmatic advertising, SEO, SEM, SMM & web design.

Amine Bentahar is the Chief Digital Officer at AVX Digital. We interviewed him about his prior experiences which brought him to his current position at the agency. Moreover, we talked about the achievements of AVX and rising trends in the digital marketing business.

Q: You’re working as a CDO, and COO in AVX, in multiple positions with many responsibilities, how would you describe your position?

My position at AVX Digital is unique, being a boutique agency with 30+ people, I’m having to wear different hats. In one hand, I’m in charge of operations and ensuring that we are delivering the best quality work and exceptional results for our clients and on the other hand, I’m responsible for the overall Digital & Marketing Strategy for many of our key clients. I’m also responsible for the growth of the company and I oversee our sales & growth teams.

Amine Bentahar: “Silicon Valley has prepared me for my current role at AVX Digital.”

Q: Prior to that, you’ve also held a GM position at TutorGroup, an EdTech company backed by Alibaba, and during the time there, you managed a team of 40+ people in Silicon Valley, CA and Asia. Tell us how your Silicon Valley experience contributes to your role at AVX?

Being a GM in Silicon Valley was among the best experiences I have had in my professional life. I believe that working for a Start-up in Silicon Valley has prepared me for my current role at AVX Digital in many ways.

During my time in Silicon Valley, I had the challenge to manage different teams in different countries, manage budgets, and manage different projects at the same time from product development to launching digital marketing campaigns or building out a sales team. I have faced similar challenges but was more equipped to face them thanks to my Silicon Valley experience.

Q: Which challenges did you face during your journey? How did you overcome them?

My journey was filled with challenges and still is today. I think one of the biggest challenges that I faced was the ability to deliver well in each of the responsibilities that I carry at AVX Digital. It’s not easy to be responsible of operations, sales and strategy. The way I overcame this challenge was building a team of experienced individuals to help me and by doing so, I’m able today to focus on the areas that I excel at the most.


Q: When scrolling down AVX’s website, we’re seeing Google Analytics, Adobe Creative Cloud, Bing, WordPress and more as your partners in success. How do you collaborate with them and what benefits do you serve each other?

We use these platforms, as well as others to drive performance. Our goal as an agency is always performance and these allow us to make informed decisions, on behalf of our clients that will drive value. Our relationships with Google, Facebook, Bing and other partners are fantastic. We work well with them to drive performance improvements and business growth.

Q: We’d like to know more about AVX. As an Inc. 5000 recipient and 5x Google All-star, what other rewards & value does the agency hold?

These awards are truly a testament to our team. They work tirelessly to improve their skills and constantly learn new ones. As much as our management would like to take credit for our growth, we know that without the team we have, from interns, analysts, and to our CEO, we would not be where we are today.

Google All-Star is by far one of the awards we are most proud of. Our team has been recognized regularly for great performance and service to our clients. A perfect case is for Grafton Apparel, one of our Canadian retailers. We did not expect the case study to be made, but Google was impressed with our performance and wanted to highlight our team’s work!

We have also been recognized by Clutch, DesignRush, The Manifest and many more organizations. We are also nominated for a Glossy Award for the best Brand/Agency collaboration category.


Amine Bentahar: “These awards are truly a testament to our team.”

Q: What would you say will be the next big trends in the search marketing industry?

Machine learning & AI along with Voice Search are the next big trends in the search marketing industry. We are already seeing the impact of the application of AI in search as well as the fast growth of Voice Search.


Q: Which events and trainings would you recommend to digital marketing professionals?

There are a lot of great events that happen every year among them are Mozcon, SMX, Internet Summit and if you are in the DFW area, I highly recommend the Dallas Digital Summit and the Frisco Digital Summit.

Q: How does being a DAN member contribute to AVX’s success?

Being a DAN member has allowed us to market our agency in the different markets where we have a presence and we have landed business through our listings.

Amine Bentahar and the team of AVX Digital.

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