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Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Zurich

Explore the award-winning agencies in Zurich, specialising in UX design, branding, web design and development, digital marketing, social media marketing and mobile app development services.

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  • creative-supply-marketing-agency
    Creative Supply

    Founded in 2015, Creative Supply is a branding partner for leading companies like L’Oréal, UBS, Cemex, Kempinski and ABB, as well as many thriving SMEs and NGOs.

  • dctrl-interactive-media-agency
    dctrl — interactive media

    dctrl [di:ken'troul] is a studio for creative technology that combines data, strategy, design and engineering to create products for digital transformation.

  • digicy-digital-agency

    We build websites that convert your users into customers. Through innovative web development, brand strategy and human-centric design.

  • distylerie-digital-agency

    distylerie is a design agency. We distill and design the essence of your Brand to implement its incoherent applications for a powerful design experience.

  • dream-production-digital-agency
    Dream Production

    Ihr unkomplizierter Partner für komplexe Projekte.

  • dreipol-digital-it-agency

    We are a design and development agency. Founded and managed by interaction designers, our goal is to provide every user with an extraordinary experience.

  • eyekon-digital-strategy-agency

    Eyekon is a successful 360 ° digital agency that offers user-centered innovation and design.

  • feinheit-digital-agency

    FEINHEIT develops communication solutions and digital tools that improve this world and do people good.

  • Flin-digital-agency

    We are a small digital marketing agency based in Zurich, Winterthur and Lucerne. We accompany users throughout the entire decision-making journey.

  • foundry-inc-digital-strategy-agency

    We are an international team of designers, writers, strategists and creative thinkers forging inspiration for brands, products and people worldwide.

  • Freundliche-Grüsse-digital-agency
    Freundliche Grüsse

    Freundliche Grüsse is a new full-service creative agency based in Zürich, strong in strategy and concepts for the digital and not so digital world.

  • heimoto-digital-agency

    An independent digital agency. We work for big brands and small startups. Together with our international network of excellence, we create digital solutions for all.

  • highway61-digital-agency
    Highway 61

    Highway 61 is a Swiss creative agency that helps businesses grow and expand through cohesive branding, storytelling and digital strategy.

  • HOCHSPANNUNG-digital-agency

    Long live the story that creates emotions. Long live the concept that touches customers in an over-digitized world. Long live the brand that wants to be loved.

  • kilo-kilo-digital-agency

    KiloKilo is an agency for Design, Code & Motion. Founded to offer its three disciplines from a single source. Stationed in Zurich West.

  • notch-digital-agency
    Notch Interactive

    Notch sums up our work as craftsmen in a nutshell: We find and develop effective communication solutions for our customers that leave their mark.

  • pjxl-digital-agency

    We're a passionate team of creatives and technologists that enable courageous brands to shine in the digital age.

  • pyango-digital-agency

    Custom software and digital product development to bring your projects to life.

  • r17-ventures-digital-agency
    R17 Ventures

    Full-service performance marketing & digital powerhouse, building and scaling brands online, across e-commerce, lead gen & downloads, with performance-based remuneration.

  • rau-werbeagentur-digital-agency
    Rau Werbeagentur

    As a full-service agency, we attach great importance to well-thought-out, strategic planning, surprising concepts and very carefully executed implementations.

  • rod-kommunikation-digital-agency
    Rod Kommunikation

    A bigger bang for the buck. From film to digital, we make every piece of work social, something that can engage and spread and is talked about in media and communities.

  • rosarot-digital-agency

    Agency rosarot offers you a full service for your brand according to the principles of the color pink, friendly, passionate & clear. On paper, in space, on the web.

  • salz-and-water-digital-agency
    Salz & Water

    We are two in one – both a creative and digital marketing agency. We believe in the power of creative communication to drive business growth.

  • scalez_digital_agency

    We are a strong team of digital natives that will help your company succeed. We live and love digital, always with newest technologies in mind.

  • trace-creative-digital-agency
    Trace Creative

    Our name is a reminder to do what we do best: Following the trace of creativity. We live that creativity - for you. So that you can focus on just running your business.

  • unic-digital-agency

    We are an owner-managed digital agency. We design, develop and host digital platforms for mid-sized and large companies with a B2B and B2C focus.

  • violetta-digital-craft-agency
    Violetta Digital Craft

    We have many years of experience in the areas of concept, web design and development. But you're also in the right place for all your digital marketing and SEO needs.

  • what-digital-agency

    We help businesses grow on the web - typically measured with more revenue or customers. We achieve this by improving their digital marketing and websites.