Shamus McNutt

A Colorado School of Mines graduate, Shamus built 2 e-commerce companies prior to launching FlowState Marketing in 2016 with co-founders Ben Thomson and Mark Grubbs. In his role as President, Shamus has played a pivotal role in growing FlowState to 5x revenue, and in the servicing of over 300 clients where he leads the FlowState team across Sales and Marketing, Apparel, Brand Development, Digital Media, Marketing, and Website Design.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

5 Tips To Boost Productivity In the Workplace By Working Smarter, Not Harder

We all have highly motivated days contrasted with mornings where it’s difficult just to get out of bed. Consistently working at a productive level is challenging and with only so many hours in a work day, sometimes it can feel like treading water. That’s why when you’re looking to boost your productivity it’s important to …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Congratulations, You Are A Part Of Generation Transition!

From Millennials to Baby Boomers, every generation has its stereotypes, but now there’s a new generation that’s caught the attention of marketers, researchers and advertisers. Almost everyone alive today is a member of Generation Transition: a generation that can both write a letter with paper and pen and send an IM. Gen-T is a combination …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

9 Brands That Are Crushing It On Social Media

Marketers are on the lookout for inspiration everywhere they go. Following your favorite brands online would be the simplest way to get new ideas. With the ever-growing amount of platforms available, it’s not about just creating a profile, you have to build a strong and distinct digital strategy. Establishing a robust strategy is not an …

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