15 Instagram Reel Ideas for Your Business

Are you in need of some Instagram Reel ideas for your business?

Instagram Reels are designed for users to engage with the Instagram community. Reels are a great way to gain a wide audience for your brand or business.

Creating original content ideas for your brand can sometimes be difficult, but don’t worry we’ve got your back!

If your brand wants creative content ideas you’ve come to the right place, keep reading the Bold x Collective guide to learn more.

Instagram Reel Idea #1 – Introduction

Creating a Reel dedicated to introducing yourself or your brand will give you the opportunity to share your brand story with thousands of viewers.

Since people love to hear stories, sharing an inspirational story can go a long way, especially if viewers can learn from them. Businesses and brands must be able to stay connected with their followers to stay engaged and gain more followers.

Sharing stories that people can connect too can also be beneficial for your brand. While making these videos, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to be able to connect to your current audience as well as potential new audiences. 

When creating these introduction videos, it’s best to talk directly to the camera. This allows viewers to feel as if you’re directly speaking to them. You can begin the video by introducing yourself, then talk about where you’re from, what you do, and what you offer.

Instagram Reel Idea #2 – Show the “Real Side” of Your Brand

People love to feel involved and part of a community, whether it’s in real life or on Instagram. Being able to make your followers feel like they’re a part of your community, makes them feel like friends. This allows your followers to engage on your posts or to share your brand with others.

Showing the real side of your brand could be a quick simple video or time-lapse of “Instagram vs. Reality.” You can include you and your team working on a product or the unfiltered side of your brand. Sharing this kind of content can make your followers feel like they’re a part of your team!

Instagram Reel Idea #3 – Behind the Scenes

Creating Behind the Scenes (BTS) videos are always an interesting way to keep your audience engaged. BTS videos can be about the process of making a product, packaging orders, bloopers, or even allowing your audience to see the raw side of your brand.

Behind The Scenes Reels can be easy and effective, whether you’re a small business or a popular brand, people love to see the unedited side of your brand and how things work.

Take time to show Behind the Scenes content to your audience because they’re curious about how your brand works, how a product is made, and what it’s like working with you.

Instagram Reel Idea #4 – Before and After

Sharing Before and After videos are very popular on any social media platform and a great way to increase your engagement. Your before and after can be about anything related to your brand. This kind of video is meant to be kept simple and intriguing.

Before and after videos can be satisfying to watch. People are always fascinated with the final product, but don’t always know how you got there. Being able to show your audience a quick Reel of your services such as home renovations, recipes, hair, or illustrations will be sure to get your brand much more engagement.

Instagram Reel Idea #5 – Tips and Tricks

Being able to offer tips and tricks for your brand is another popular way to get your audience more involved. This kind of video can work for any brand or industry.

Content involving tips and tricks can be valuable because you’re sharing your knowledge with your audience, which can reach out to more people and bring in a larger audience.

There’s a wide variety of tips and tricks videos your brand can show whether it’s sharing styling and outfit tips, or photo editing hacks, creating a product or process work, and so much more.

Instagram Reel Idea #6 – Sneak Peek’s and Teasers

Sneak Peek videos will leave your audience curious and captivated. Showing a sneak peek or teaser of a product can be done by the brand itself or by influencers. Popular brands collaborate with influencers to showcase their product to promote them to their audience.

A sneak peek can be of a product, service, or an upcoming post. Creating a Reel based on this or getting an influencer involved will not only bring in engagement from your audience, but also the influencers’ audience. Brands can also create a sneak peek Reel to promote a giveaway.

Instagram Reel Idea #7 – D.I.Y Projects

Instagram Reels on Do-It-Yourself or DIY videos can be a great way to show your viewers how you create a product. Whether you own a candle business or sell arts and crafts products, viewers love to see how you make your merchandise.

You may have a skill or talent that others want to learn, creating DIYs of your products can be a useful component for your brand.

Instagram Reel Idea #8 – Do Challenges

Social media is filled with new challenges happening every day and millions of people are taking part in them. Challenges are a great way to engage with the community and show your audience that you’re participating in something exciting.

Doing challenges is an effective marketing strategy, some include dances to specific music, these are the most popular kinds of challenges. When it comes to promoting your brand, it’s always smart to add your own twist to your Reel, that way you’re doing the challenge, but making it in your own unique way that represents your brand.

Instagram Reel Idea #9 – Work on Evergreen Content 

Evergreen content simply means repurposing your older content by introducing it in a brand-new way. If you have already posted specific videos in the past, you can always take that video, change it up and repost it.

Reposting previous content is a great way to introduce your brand to new followers and viewers, they’ll be able to learn about your brand without having to scroll all the way to the bottom of your Instagram page to find out what your brand is about.

This can be great for a new audience and your current audience because they get to re-learn about your brand.

Instagram Reel Idea #10 – Travel Videos

Instagram Reels on traveling don’t always have to be about travel stories. They can include recommendations of travel destinations or traveling tips.

A powerful marketing strategy for traveling Reels can be based on something called #FOMO or #fearofmissingout. FOMO Instagram Reels are extremely popular, and everyone wants to be a part of it or be able to experience it for themselves.

FOMO Reels include exotic travel destinations, street foods, or any type of feature related to traveling.

Instagram Reel Idea #11 – Highlight Your Products

Brands can now use a new feature called Instagram Shopping on their Reels. Some brands use Instagram Live Shopping where they showcase their products to their audience on live video. Now you don’t have to be live to showcase your products, it can be done through your Reels.

Brands can use Instagram Reels to show their audience all kinds of products, also adding a descriptive caption can grab their attention. Brands can also tag their products in their posts from their Instagram shop, this makes it easier for potential customers to click on the product itself and access all the information on that specific product.

Instagram Reel Idea #12 – What’s Trending

It’s important for brands to keep up with what’s trending worldwide, this can be featured on the Instagram Reel Explore Page. Keep a lookout for what other brands and businesses are doing.

Taking part in a current trend can be a great way to stand out on social media. Brands can use these trends to promote their products and potentially gain new customers.

Instagram Reel Idea #13 – Day in the Life

Any brand, content creator or influencer can create a Reel showing a “day in the life.” This kind of video consists of you taking your followers along with you to show how your day goes.

This is similar to a behind the scenes Reels, but a “day in the life” is more focused on your daily rituals and lifestyle. Your Reel can include a mix of both personal and professional sides of your brand. Show your followers your daily routine, or even include others such as your team members or employees in the Reel.

Instagram Reel Idea #14 – Community and Employee Spotlight

Community and employee spotlight simply means posting content created by users that showcase your products or mention you in their posts. This is called user-generated content or UGC.

User-generated content can be customers adding content on their profiles or mentioning you. Brands must ensure to always share this content on their profile, this shows the customer that you care and are engaging with them even after they purchase your product.

Instagram Reel Idea #15 – Answer FAQ’s

Another way to get engagement from your followers can be by answering their questions.

Your audience always has important questions about your brand that only YOU can answer. Creating FAQ Reels is a great way to answer your audience’s questions.

People will be wondering certain things about your brand, and you will be getting the same questions repeatedly from different potential customers. The best way to answer these questions would be to make a Reel based on the most asked questions about your brand, this will be much easier than responding back to every individual question.


These are just a few popular Instagram Reel ideas to get you started. Find what works for you and your brand and explore different Reels to create organic Instagram growth.

If you’re looking for extra guidance on Instagram Reels for your brand or business, our team at Bold x Collective is here to help! 

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