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6 Tips to Create Interactive Content for your Audience on Social Media

It’s time for marketers to realize that if you aren’t interacting with your audience the right way, you are getting behind in the social media game. You should start to create interactive content for your audience on social media as soon as possible.

Let’s face it: social media isn’t your business’s preaching place.

To boost your business on social media, it requires more than just talking about your brand. Those 3.8 billion active users aren’t spending their time online to go through undifferentiated content that barely talks to them. And if you are just making one-sided advertisements, there are high chances of you getting lost amidst the scrolling.

With the constantly shrinking attention span of humans, the competition for marketers is successively increasing where only interactive content can stand a chance to nail its way to the target audience’s eye.

Content that tells a story, speaks to the audience whilst inviting them to interact is a need of the present in the social media marketing universe. Looking at the social media history of businesses, it is quite obvious for interactive content to engage better with fellow users.

Well, there are also some significant reasons for businesses to start believing in crafting interactive content.

Let’s go through them one by one.

  • Higher engagement rates
  • Improved user experience
  • Better shareability
  • Relevant metrics

With enough reasons to provide a unique value to your users, I am sure you must be looking forward to getting started with interactive content.

How To Get Started With Creating Interactive Content

1. Craft a Strategy

To not end up creating static content, you need a well-knit strategy to draw the attention of your users. Today, social media is saturated with brand content and to stand out, you need to begin with listing down the kind of content you are looking to share on social media. 

Taking note of how each type of content will help the audience can get difficult at times, and when that happens, take a U-turn. Start with listing down the benefits you want the users to get from your brand content and then come up with a strategy reflecting on providing similar benefits.

2. Let the Tools Help You

Well, the digital world has everything you can ask for as a business on social media. But before that, you need to move beyond just making users read your social media content.

Start scratching the surface and, if needed, utilize tools like Adobe Spark, Canva, Fotor, etc., to create interactive content for respective platforms. Moreover, you can also utilize a bunch of social media posting tools to cut on the posting hassle by using a social media calendar or features like bulk scheduling. 

In a world where 93% of marketers agreed that interactive content is effective in educating its buyers, missing out on even a single opportunity is a loss. To become better at utilizing social media for business benefits, there are numerous tools to assist you for the same.

Let’s Trigger Interaction

Now that you have a well-planned strategy, you must be taking a step further towards providing an interactive social media experience. The social media world is moving at a rapid pace, and to nail the art of interactive content, businesses need to hold onto their target audience’s attention.

Best Tips to Create Interactive Content on Social Media

1. Match Content with Your Audience

Before you dive straight into creating content, take some time, and ask yourself a few questions like:

Which type of audience does my business serve on social media?

For the audience rapidly scrolling amidst their busy schedules, infographics can be the best way to give out more content in really less time. On the other hand, if your product is aesthetically appealing then pitching images/videos or even GIFs can be a great choice.

While 82% of digital consumers enjoy reading business blogs, this can be a great hit if utilized with relevant content. Well, there are no definitions of what works where so you can just dive in and start experimenting. 

If you aren’t sure about what kind of audience you have, invest efforts in creating quizzes and polls that can interest your target audience. This can help you get to know where your audience comes from and what they are looking for.

@starbucks interestingly targets its audience with an interactive question that induces the user to take action and reply to the story questions on Instagram. Such an attempt can help a brand gain more customer feedback and insights.

2. Interact with Infographics

Infographics have had the most significant increase in usage among B2B marketers in the last four years – now at 65%. But with the skyrocketing competition, your business needs to create interactive infographics. 

If you are still confused, just focus on creating an infographic that can stop the user from scrolling through and can induce a response from them. That is when you know your content is interacting with your audience.

Coca-Cola, one of the largest & most successful beverage companies, demonstrates its product and logo development journey through an infographic that communicates a barrel of information in the shortest form.

3. Communicate With Videos

Videos are known to be the most interactive content on social media and its usage is rising every single day. Videos, as a matter of fact, are the most demanded content on social media which talks about the potential that it carries for businesses.

Few statistics are to be noted in bold while creating video content, i.e., people are 1.5 times more likely to watch videos on their mobile phones. This information requires you to make videos more mobile-friendly to reach the mobile-using audience potentially.

This video of a dessert recipe published by @buzzfeedtasty on Instagram managed to reach more than 1.3 million people. Such engagement clearly defines the potential that lies in posting videos on social media for certain businesses.

4. Conduct Polls & Surveys

Your social media audience is like any other human being, and one can never stop knowing them. Polls & surveys serve multiple purposes, like getting to know your audience or their thoughts about your product/service. It can also potentially educate you with valuable insights that are usually not available through social media analysis.

Being the oldest form of interactive content, polls and surveys have been proven successful for several businesses over time. Polls usually consist of one question while surveys are in a more elaborated form. Differing from business to business, you can gain real-person data from various approaches to the poll/survey method.

5. Regular Assessment of Interaction

While you nail the art of interaction on social media, do not take the power of assessment for granted.

Interaction can be temporary but when assessment becomes regular, the chances of interaction increase. Assessments are just another way of getting to know your audience by putting out questions that induce action & engagement.

While assessments are considered to be the most effective task in the loop of creating interactive content, marketers are striving to make it a win-win situation for brands as well as the audience. 

6. Feature Your Followers

One of the easiest yet the most powerful ways to create interactive content on social media is to feature your followers.

It’s proven that tagging users can help gain more likes and comments. Why? When you make your followers a part of your story, not only do people feel valued, but other potential followers (and customers) also perceive it as a trust signal that encourages them to follow you on social media.

For example, KEAP often invites its happy customers to share their thoughts on their service and create short video testimonials for their social media profiles. Since most modern consumers find video content to be more interactive, followers are more likely to like posts and comment on them.

But if you don’t have the budget to create video testimonials or your customers aren’t engaged to take upon the lead roles for your videos, you can still reach out to your clients and ask them to share their quotes. Then, you can find relevant stock photos and repurpose them for social media profiles by putting customer quotes on images. 

Wrapping Up 

Interactive content marketing exists in the marketing world for a long time and is here to stay. And with the right theory and tools available, creating interactive content shouldn’t be a brainteaser.

Hop on your marketing boat and navigate through your audience with interactive content. The best part about interactive content on social media is that it consumes less time, it’s fun and can grab a user’s attention right there and then.