WeThink Social Developed a Social Media Strategy for Huawei Denmark

Through creative and clever communication, WeThink Social developed a social media strategy closely together with Huawei Denmark.

Relevant content from the global team was culturally adapted to fit the Danish market alongside WeThink Social, creating localized, visually strong content in a tone of voice that was aligned with Huawei’s overall branding.

The basis for Huawei was to have two branding tracks; one ongoing track where day-to-day branding was either adapted from the global team or developed by WeThink Social; and one campaign track where WeThink Social developed the strategy and concept and executed the campaign.

The Huawei P10 campaign branded the new smartphone P10 through a social media campaign – #Perfect 10. WeThink Social positioned Huawei P10 as the perfect smartphone for portrait photos, making the target group spokespersons for the launch of the Huawei P10.

The concept for #Perfect10 was to create 10 portraits with 10 stories. It was Huawei’s target group who nominated and voted for the best stories, which WeThink Social filmed and photographed telling each of the people’s unique stories. It finished up with 10 portraits shot with Huawei P10, showing the perfect portrait taken with the new smartphone.


  • To brand Huawei P10 as the perfect smartphone for portrait photos
  • To engage the target group and allow them to be their spokespersons – branding Huawei P10 from an authentic and personal perspective.


  • Unique reach of more than 1 million people branding Huawei P10
  • More than 14,500 people shared, commented, and participated in the campaign #Perfect10
  • Engaged more than 250,000 people

About WeThink Social

WeThink Social is a dedicated social media communication and marketing agency based in Copenhagen. They assist businesses with their expertise and knowledge to leverage the most suitable online and social tools. They assist you to establish your brand, meaningfully engage your customers and grow sales. They also have a deep understanding of brand and they are experts in bringing brand messages to life.