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Visual Content for Marketing Campaigns: PROs & CONs

We’re living in a fast-paced world with high paced technology advancements. Along with technology, we obviously change the way we do things.

In the online environment, we can notice a clear pattern that’s been happening for a few years now. I’m talking about visual content, a very frequent type of content that’s being advertised here and there.

If you want to have a successful business with big opportunities of scaling, you must never neglect your online marketing strategies. Throughout time, many marketers have tried various methods of promotion. For example, content marketing approaches seem to have gained a lot of popularity among nowadays’ marketers.

All marketing campaigns have a huge potential, if you’d only knew how to do approach them properly. You need to have knowledge in the niche you’re activating in, and you got to develop essential skills.

Now back to where we started – visual content. You see, according to a study performed in May 2016, 74% of social media marketers are using visual content in their marketing campaigns. That should give you a clue about what’s really going on, and what’s really working right now.

During today’s post, we’re going to explore the way visual content influences your marketing campaigns.

Moreover, you’ll get to see a list of PROs and CONs while adding visual content into your marketing campaigns. And as a thank for your attention, you’ll learn new strategies and tricks that might just considerably boost your marketing results.


Visual Content Influences Your Marketing Campaign – Here’s How

Here’s an interesting fact that you surely might have missed: 90% of our mental representations are visual. That means that whenever you’re thinking of something, preparing for something, you’re using your visual memory and sight to come up with a fast answer or solution.

Knowing that, it’s pretty obvious now that everything that’s visual has more influence on us, human beings. Let’s see which are the most powerful and popular types of visual content nowadays:

• Pictures and Images (whenever you include these in a post, you’re most likely to get 94% more page views)

• Videos and Gifs (the best way to grab the attention of the viewer, to send more advanced messages and insights, and to get better marketing results)

• Infographics (very popular as they show a lot of information in a very easy-to-digest way)

• Presentations (easy to create, and the best way to explain a lot of information)

• Meme Content (humorous, attention grabbing, and easy to create)

As you can notice, you have plenty of alternatives for the marketing campaigns that you’ll conduct in the nearest future. Depending on your audience and on your type of business, I’d suggest picking a few visual content forms and sticking to them. Advance your skills and distribution channels, and scale the visual content that appeals most to you.


1. Social Spreading Potential (Viral Content)

Visual content is a great way to stimulate people to share what they’ve seen. Whenever they see a video with a higher emotional impact, they’ll quickly want to share it with their friends. What better way to do it other than sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on?

You see, viral content nowadays is always either a funny picture, a well-made infographic, or an amazing video. If you want to boost your brand awareness, you adding visual content in your social media campaigns is definitely a must.

2. Most Efficient Way of Conveying The “Message Behind”

When you explain something using words, it’s harder to describe the actual feeling or the actual sight of what you’re explaining. Pictures and videos are always easier to understand because you can actually see what’s being explained.

Pictures convey what a thousand words can’t, but they shouldn’t be a priority throughout a blog post for example.

3. Visual Content Attracts a Lot of Attention

Whenever you see a shocking picture or a very interesting thumbnail of a video (which is also a picture), you’re more likely to click the link. This happens because you’re instantly grabbed by something that might make you curious, might help you, or might even satisfy you.

Marketing’s all about attracting attention, so you’re obviously focusing on the right spot. With some practice and eventually experience, you’ll be able to create “instant notifications” through your advertisements and marketing campaigns.



1. Limited Flexibility

Compared to a text-based content, a video, a graphic, or even an infographic is less flexible. Once you’re done crafting it, the next step is to publish it. Once you have it there, editing it is always hard. First of all, taking it off and re-uploading it will often affect your search engine rankings.

Secondly, conveying your messages is such a short time that the viewer doesn’t get bored (in case of videos, infographics, presentation) is also a bit different from text content. You get less time to do it, but you have to do it properly. A very long video is often annoying to the ones who watch it.

2. Visual Content Takes More Time to Produce

Creating visual content often takes more time. Crafting a spectacular infographic or editing a certain picture is time demanding. When some things go wrong, you have to start over, because you always need to come up with new visuals. It’s just like with written content: the more you practice, the better you’ll become and the faster you’ll produce.

3. Skills and Budget are Often Required

You need editing skills, video creation skills, designing skills, and the list could go on. Depending on what type of content you create, you’ll often need to invest some time and money into your skills. Once you have developed them, you have a free path.

In case you’re not willing to do this or you have no talent and skills at all, you need a budget in order to support freelancers or professional services. This truly represents a disadvantage for many marketers.

Per total, it’s very obvious that visual content holds a huge potential. If you’re smart enough, you’ll take into consideration the present marketplace conditions which clearly show how visual content makes marketing easier. Start creating it, practice as much as you can, and begin to notice the powerful results that come from your efforts. Good luck!

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