Sheffield Synergy: UK NEQAS Partners with The SEO Works for Organic Search Campaign

Sheffield-based external quality assessment service provider UK NEQAS for Immunology, Immunochemistry & Allergy (IIA) have decided after careful consideration that multi-award-winning digital agency The SEO Works are best placed to fulfil their SEO needs.

Since 1982, UK NEQAS IIA have been heavily involved with the distribution of serum, CSF and urine samples for External Quality Assessment (EQA) purposes. Operating as a not-for-profit service, they provide an extremely high standard of EQA and are instrumental in the continual improvement of quality within medical laboratories through their attentive performance monitoring.

With further UK and international growth well in the scope for UK NEQAS IIA, it was decided that a brand new website would be required to act as a digital springboard for their objectives.

Once their state-of-the-art digital hub was in place, the leading service provider concluded that their reputation alone wouldn’t suffice in ensuring that they were found online, and that further help would be required to get them in front of the right audiences both in the UK and globally – this is where The SEO Works came in.

Their proven track record of producing impressive results for medical clients gave The SEO Works a distinct edge over the competition and made it clear to UK NEQAS IIA that they were best positioned to deliver the required results.

Dina Patel, Scientific Director at UK NEQAS IIA said:

The SEO Works team demonstrated that they could meet our project requirements within the given timescales. The team are very friendly and professional in their approach and provide regular updates on the progress of the project. This has given us the confidence that we have the right team working with us.

The approach adopted by The SEO Works would look to introduce masses of rich content to the fresh website, building expertise and authority along the way. The proposed project would begin with increasing visibility and awareness within the UK market, before altering the focus towards a global strategy that would look to expand visibility into their other desired destinations.

Alex Hill, Sales Director, said:

It’s always really positive for us when we are approached by a prospect who operates within a sector we have previously done great work for, as it gives us the chance to put our strategies to the test and hopefully replicate the outstanding results we have achieved previously. We truly hope this is the beginning of a fruitful relationship between us and UK NEQAS IIA, and we spend many more years working in tandem to better their digital stance.

The SEO Works specialises in SEO, PPC, Digital PR, Web and Paid Social advertising and has many clients within the healthcare industry, including the NHS, Weldricks Pharmacy, Canonbury and FourFive.


UK NEQAS for Immunology, Immunochemistry & Allergy (IIA) is based in Sheffield and has been involved with the distribution of serum, CSF and urine samples for EQA purposes since 1982. They operate as a not-for-profit business and provide an extremely high standard of External Quality Assessment (EQA).

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