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TYPO Berlin 2018

Organization:Monotype GmbH


When:17/05/2018 – 19/05/2018

TYPO Berlin is one of the most important creative events in the world.

With up to 1,600 attendees from graphic design, illustration, communication, marketing and advertising, this conference in the heart of Berlin is one of the biggest curated design conferences in Europe.

TYPO Berlin 2018 provides inspiration, clues you in on experimental endeavours, fosters exchange and is a creative networking playground for both communications professionals and student beginners.

The event will be about big data, personal data and the digital home. Do we really want one?

The transparent consumer has long since become a reality, but some consumers have already begun covering their digital tracks. This year’s theme of TYPO Berlin is “Trigger”.

Triggering is everywhere, whether driven by human or artificial intelligence.

It can come with deception (fake news) and with revelations (fact checking). It can trigger a personal recommendation or automated purchasing suggestion. A trigger is a key stimulus, a filter, and an impulse.

Check out this video to find out more about the TYPO Berlin:

TYPO Berlin 2018 will be about the practice of change, about scenarios, about heroes and evaluation. The event will be dedicated to the causes and challenges of the digital revolution.

TYPO Berlin 2018 is organized by Monotype GmbH, which provides font software for a range of print and display applications.

Brand Talks, which is a kind of conference within a conference, will take place on the second conference day of the TYPO Berlin 2018. They consist of seven hours of presentations at half-hour intervals where an agency and its brand client are on stage to talk about their current marketing projects.

This great event will explore the mechanisms of the digital transformation and it will address the role of design in that process.

Interested? For registration and event details, click here.

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