Top Tips on How to Grow Your LinkedIn Audience

Why do you and your business need a LinkedIn profile? How to grow your LinkedIn audience and promote your LinkedIn account? Read about that in our article.

Tips on How to Grow Your LinkedIn Audience

We live in a time when knowledge and professional skills are valued. Companies want to hire the most experienced employees quickly with great and proven portfolios. LinkedIn is used for that, where the emphasis is on work and business processes. 

A LinkedIn profile is a kind of work blog, where you can find information about one’s experience and achievements, as well as all sorts of beneficial content like ‘tips on how to stay motivated.’

Why Do You Need a LinkedIn Account?

Specialists, business owners, and companies can have their profiles on this social network. At first, it’s hard to understand the structure of the platform and how it works, but everything becomes clear in 1-2 weeks.

The social network can be used by both job seekers and companies.

LinkedIn for specialists

If you don’t own any business, it’s worth trying to promote yourself as a specialist. Start a profile, fill it out, and you can already start looking for a job.

A LinkedIn advantage is that you can find a remote position worldwide. The only issue is language proficiency.

It’s worth noting that LinkedIn has long ceased to be a platform for IT specialists only. Initially, it was, but now enterprising people from other spheres don’t hesitate to use the platform. You can even find profiles of electricians and call the master at home.


Moreover, the fulfilled profile can attract HRs. Companies themselves actively use this social network in search of talented employees. Your LinkedIn profile is a complete resume. Therefore, define the content and insert information that will be of interest to a potential employer. However, remember that the information must be relevant. The boss-to-be doesn’t need to know how many shots you can drink on a Friday night.

LinkedIn for business

Every entrepreneur needs a LinkedIn profile. If you actively work with your account, it can give a solid boost to your business.

The value of LinkedIn is that it has a fairly large free database. Many recruiting resources require a monthly fee and provide no guarantees that you will hire someone. On the social network, this is done as quickly as possible.

In addition, you can find business partners there. You can find a supplier with better terms. You can find an investor who wants to support an existing company with a development perspective. You can find a partner with competencies you lack. You can find new clients if you work in the B2B segment.


How to Grow Your LinkedIn Audience?

After you signed up, decided on your LinkedIn profile’s main tasks and goals, and got all the necessary photo and video equipment to create content, it’s time to expand your audience and define this content.

And so, let’s figure out how to increase reach and engagement in your publications.

Complete your profile

At the very beginning, you need to fill out your profile so that visitors can learn more about you. Choose a suitable avatar and LinkedIn cover photo — something catchy, businesslike, and serious (but not too much).

In filling out the general information, you can use some SEO optimization techniques and insert several keywords.

The main thing is that your LinkedIn profile should be as informative as possible and without any mistakes. Then your account will look presentable.

Define content

LinkedIn is a professional social network, and the audience prefers to read valuable business content rather than like funny pics. But don’t overdo it with the business style. Publications should be interesting, ideally in the format of stories and with a bit of humour.

If you don’t know what to write, then you can always google ideas for viral posts. Then there will be no problems with content, reach, and engagement.



LinkedIn values ​​regular posting. The platform will reward you with great reach whether you post daily or every Monday and Friday for several months.

Analyze your target audience to understand when they are most active. But since LinkedIn is a network for business communication, it’s best to choose the time between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Use various formats

Don’t limit yourself to just writing posts and uploading photos. What do you think about videos? Add some video content to your LinkedIn account. It can be tutorials made with HD screen recorder, entertaining clips (but related to your activity), your video CV, and so on. There are plenty of ideas. Turn on your creativity. And if you are a job seeker, the future employer will definitely appreciate your approach.

Companies may use LinkedIn profiles as another platform for launching their video marketing campaign. The main thing is to share not only beneficial videos but high quality as well. To do this, we recommend using only proven video editing software like WeVideo, Magisto, or VSDC.

Engage your audience

To grow your LinkedIn audience and increase reach, you need to engage your audience — just add a little interactivity.


Try to involve followers in some kind of activity: likes, comments, reposts. Ask your audience to answer questions under the post or insert open-ended questions and call-to-action in videos.

Use hashtags

Certainly, if your subscribers read the post, that’s good. But why not grow the audience and use hashtags along with SEO optimization? Use up to 3 tags; otherwise, your post won’t be seen.

Participate in discussions

In addition to writing your own content, your profile may appear under other authors’ posts and LinkedIn accounts — you need to participate in various discussions.

Numerous companies use this type of marketing not only to increase reach and awareness but demonstrate intellectual leadership. It works out when readers want to buy something, realize that you are an expert in the niche, and come to you. 

Targeted advertising

This method requires investment, but if you want fast and effective promotion, then you can’t do without advertising. LinkedIn Targeted Ads provide us with lots of filters — geo, positions, education, skills, age, etc. You will easily reach many users and grow your LinkedIn audience with this method.


Understanding how to use LinkedIn increases your chances of finding interesting job offers, partners, and colleagues to connect. This social network, unlike others, won’t take your precious time offering useless ads, posts, and other time-consuming content.

A profile on LinkedIn is the first step for anyone who wants to earn more tomorrow than today. It’s a powerful career-building and business development tool.

Don’t think that a LinkedIn profile is as easy to manage as Facebook and even more so Instagram. To get a high-quality account, you will have to work with content, optimize the profile, as well as constantly publish posts and keep abreast of the latest news.

Consider this as an investment. We wish you all the best in growing your LinkedIn audience!